Fiat, the special model is a merger between Porsche and Ferrari: I haven’t seen anything similar from the Turin company

Fiat, the special model is a merger between Porsche and Ferrari: I haven’t seen anything similar from the Turin company
History of the Fiat supercar –

It’s halfway between a Porsche and a Ferrari, but we’re not talking about a supercar. Fiat is making headlines with this model that is so dear to enthusiasts.

If it is in Italy We’re talking about Driving carsIt is impossible not to think of the brand that has made the history of the Italian automobile market: our very precious brand Fiata jewel of Turin that has always been among the greatest precursors of modernism and Italian design.

And so are his cars, the indisputable result Love of mechanicsWith quality and efficiency, all Fiat models have entered automotive history to remain there as museum items.

In addition, engineering is always at the highest levels in this sector Fiat It remained in competition with the global market, where it reached It also competes with Asian giantsregarding the automobile market of the Italian city, which is highly appreciated by the national and foreign public.

However, there was a time when it was Fiat Produce Such an exotic car The produced models sold like hotcakes: it’s the perfect mix between Porsche and Ferrari, but it’s no supercar.

Halfway between Porsche and Ferrari

Their shapes always let you catch a glimpse of themOr the Italian-style Fiat brandBut this fine example of the car, now a collector’s item, really caused a stir when, In the 1990sappeared in Italian and international market. They cannot be missed by avid collectors, especially because of their attractive shapes.

In fact, aesthetically, the car may look like a fair mix of one car Porsche that it Ferrari; Obviously it just has the looks of a supercar, nothing to do with performance or engine, but it has its own reason and has always been highly appreciated, even if not by everyone. We’re talking about the great Fiat Barchetta.

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Fiat Barchetta
Fiat is like a mix between a Porsche and a Ferrari

Fiat Barchetta

there History of Fiat Barchetta It must be specifically searched for 1990swhen Fiat It was booming, as was the local car market. In those years, automotive fashion was making Spider models popular, and those cars were similar to Supercars, pointed and very low. Here, Fiat responds to the fashion call with its Barchetta.

At first, though Redesigned exterior designthe Barchetta failed to conquer a market that was perhaps not yet ready to see Fiat’s city models transformed into cars Super saloon car. Despite this, the Barchetta remains a collector’s classic, loved and respected by all.

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