GF Vip, Big Pedi sleeps on the sofa and explains why he chose it

GF Vip, Big Bide leaves the bedroom and sleeps on the sofa: The competitor explains why this choice was made.

Kabir Bedi joined GF Vip a few weeks ago as a competitor. The actor, famous all over the world, has proven in these few days of stay that he has a noble and kind soul. Two days ago, his birthday was celebrated at home, and then midnight arrived.

GF vip, Big Pedi leaves room and sleeps on sofa: Competitor explains why (Infinite Media Source)

For this occasion a small party was organized with the appropriate clothes and special make-up. Barrow prepared the food, and David prepared the dessert with Jessica’s help. In the eyes of reality fans who closely follow the live broadcast, it did not go unnoticed, big man sleeping on sofa Not in the room with other roommates. It was he who explained the reason for this choice.

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GF Vip, Big Peddy leaves room and sleeps on sofa: Competitor explains why

Went into Gf ​​Vip’s house for a few weeks, but Kabir Bedi In a short time he conquered the audience. He moves silently around the house, ready to let competitors who want to hear his adventures hear his stories.

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In particular, he appears to have struck up a special relationship with Jessica and Barrow. In the past few hours, the actor celebrated his birthday. A party was organized, everyone dressed appropriately and used special facial makeup. But as we expected, fans are always interested in what’s going on at home, and Everyone saw that Kabir had been sleeping on the sofa for several days and was no longer in the room. The contestant, while talking to Lulu, explained the reason for this choice.

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The princess said that she saw him sleeping on the sofa and confirmed with my hand:Yes, because I was snoring… I snored, and I annoyed othersI have no problem sleeping in the living room, and I don’t want to disturb others.”. At this point, Lulu repeatedly repeated the fact that he should not worry about snoring and that he should go back to sleep in the room, because he does not bother, but Kabir replied saying yes, it is annoying, because others have woken him. So some time for this. This whole situation, however, raises a lot of discussion, and the fans do not understand why the other competitors, do not say anything to Kabeer, making him sleep in the lounge.

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