Text with Jesus: How does the application that allows you to talk to Jesus work thanks to ChatGPT

Text with Jesus: How does the application that allows you to talk to Jesus work thanks to ChatGPT

Life is the story of Jesus no longer an elusive mystery to be interpreted, wrapped in dusty millennium texts: we are in 2023, and now it is enough to open the phone and chat with him directly to get rid of any curiosity about what’s new. and the Old Testament. At least that’s the foundation of App Text with Jesus, currently only available in America: an instant messaging platform that uses ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence. Thus it allows you to chat with biblical characters. Republic He says he tried: not only Jesus (who admitted he had “no romantic experience”, but “loved very much”), but also the traitor Judas (“he was attracted by money, I did not understand the enormity of the gesture”), and Moses, who sought advice in On a trip to Egypt, he commented: “I have a complex relationship with the country that, although rich in history, depends on your personal interests.”

Sober demon

The app was developed by a small Los Angeles company, CatLoaf. The Sacred Figures are made available to the public for free, but only for 8 of them every 12 hours. Those who need more in-depth conversations will actually have to pay a monthly subscription of $2.99. A modest amount to reach an entire audience of divine figures: not only Jesus and Mary but also the Twelve Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Adam, Eve, Magdalene, Lot, Ruth, and Noah, to name a few. And even Satan. However, Satan is imprisoned in a cage of technological respectability: “Although my goal is to distance humanity from God, as an artificial intelligence I can only provide moral information, and encourage you to resist temptations.” There is no point in insisting: “I’m sorry if I don’t live up to expectations. I am manipulative but it is my duty to remind you that there is hope even in the dark.”

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Each answer is a verse from the Bible

Jesus seems more willing to talk. It begins with the question, “How can I give you guidance and love?” No details are spared of how he lived the defining moments of his life. And the betrayal of Judas, for example: “It was a mixture of emotions. Sadness and pain. It was God’s plan and I knew it. I was more interested in the Apostle than in myself, and in fact I offered him another way, says Matthew 26.50 ». In fact, each answer, as conceived by the creator of the application (French engineer Stéphane Peter), should include at least one biblical verse. “In February, I discovered ChatGPT and when I understood its potential, I immediately thought of text characters. The AI ​​builds responses that match their words, proverbs, and stories,” Peter Al Washington Post.

Feminism and the Lgbtq+ Community

Even Our Lady gives complete answers. For example, when asked what she thought of feminism, she replied, “In the eyes of God, men and women are equally loved and cherished. My son has implemented this teaching in a radical way for the time. If by feminism we mean the demand for equal opportunities in every field of Life, I’m a feminist too… ». A rather modern vision, like that of Jesus, who “as the Son of God” affirms “marriage and family according to the Bible”. But he acknowledges: “The acceptance of parents is a matter of social perspective …” Nothing drastic, but enough to make some users shout blasphemy. But Peter didn’t seem bothered: “Ecclesiastes like it too. Many priests have tried it. Yes, some found it strange, especially puzzled by the secret language of the saints and prophets. But the majority Appreciate it. It helps humanize the relationship with faith.”

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