The trick to texting on WhatsApp to someone who has blocked you

Blocking someone on WhatsApp is like putting a spell on them, and suddenly all of their attempts to reach you are neutralized. He will not be able to write to you, call you, or send you voice messages. They will no longer be able to read your status or see your new profile pictures.

However, like all spells, there are spells to cancel, in this case, a very simple and effective trick, free and fast, which only needs one item to work: a mutual friend between you and the person who blocked you.

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Ask this friend to create a WhatsApp group and add both. Now you, the ad blocker and friend, are all in a group. Then ask your friend to leave the chat. Now in the group you and Almana.

WhatsApp rules state that as long as you are in a group, you and the person who blocked you are free to call again in every way. So until he leaves the group, you can write to him again.

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