House fires are on the rise in Mallorca during 2023

House fires are on the rise in Mallorca during 2023

2023 was the year it happened More house fires In Mallorca, after 484 house fires were reported in Mallorca. As reported by the Mallorca Council, they have declared themselves 484 house fires in Mallorca, more than in any year since its recording. Because in 2022 there were 479, 452 in 2021, 311 in 2020, and 379 in 2019. It is a number that confirms the trend: every year there are more fires than the previous.

For this reason, the Majorca Fire Department called for prevention and caution to avoid house fires. Not only because of the physical damage it can cause, but because it can have serious consequences. The average number of deaths in house fires is Approximately one and a half people per year (1.46). In 2023, one person died due to a house fire in Mallorca. This year, there has already been a new victim: at the beginning of January, an elderly man with limited mobility died in a fire in Llucmajor.

You need to be aware of house fires They are very dangerous It can have catastrophic or fatal consequences. We must do everything we can to avoid thisThe island's emergency director confirmed: Joan oven.

The council's emergency service also points out that the months with the most frequent house fires are autumn and winter, when the cold arrives. The misuse that is made of it Heating systems It makes them dangerous. In fact, these are the biggest causes of house fires. Most accidents happen when left unattended Lighted stoves or braziers At night without supervision. Another cause of fires is smoking in bed.

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One of the recommendations made by the Mallorca Fire Service is to install Smoke detection systems. It is an economical, simple and very effective procedure. These devices warn when smoke is detected in the room. They are very effective, especially if there is a fire at night. It is a very common procedure in the rest of Europe and even mandatory in the UK.

The age groups most at risk in the event of a fire are minors and the elderly. more than Deaths by fire In homes they belong to these groups. In the case of the elderly, lack of movement and diseases such as Alzheimer's disease make them more vulnerable.

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