Flights to the United States for those who have been vaccinated have resumed

Flights to the United States for those who have been vaccinated have resumed

Travel restrictions to the United States for vaccinated travelers from Italy and the entire Schengen area will be reduced from November 8. The Declaration Released by President Fidel on October 25, it elaborates on access procedures for vaccinated persons and identifies some limited exceptions to the vaccine obligation.

All travelers who have completed the vaccination course can enter the United States. They are marked “Complete vaccine” Vaccines include FDA-approved vaccines (Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson) and vaccines. Emergency use list Vaccines have been added from the World Health Organization (Eul) and AstraZeneca. They are also considered “Complete vaccine” Even those who received a mixed vaccine, it was carried out with vaccines approved by the FDA or included in the Eul. To be considered “Complete vaccine” You should have received the second dose of the vaccine (Or earlier in the case of vaccines requiring a single injection) At least 14 days before coming to the United States.

For those who have recently contracted Govt-19 disease and those who have it “Green Boss” Released with a single dose vaccineBefore leaving for the United States, they must submit a document confirming the positive result of the Covit-19 virus test conducted 90 days before departure with a letter from a licensed health worker or public health worker. The officer certifies that the person concerned is eligible to travel. (You can access the website for more information “Center for Disease Control and Prevention” For these two links: Link, Link)

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Vaccination certificate (valid in digital form) must be issued upon boarding. It is the responsibility of the company to verify the correspondence between the passenger data and those stated on the vaccination certificate, and the certificate is issued by a company or organization that is authorized to issue it officially.

Vaccinated passengers are required to show a negative result of the Covit test (molecular or antigen test) carried out on boarding within three days of departure for the United States.. It is also recommended to perform another test (molecular or antigenic) between the third and fifth day of arrival in the country. Passengers infected with the virus – showing a positive result of the swap and being able to prove that they are infected with Govt-19 90 days before entering the country – are exempt from the test they are required to perform. After I arrived.

With the new rules, the procedure required by the NIE will be suspended from November 8 (National Interest Exception) Get a visa or travel with ESTA. In accordance with the new rules and requirements based on the vaccine and Govt test, we may return to pre-Govt procedures, travel with ESTA, with a valid visa, or by applying for a visa at US embassies. .

Exceptions to vaccine duty

Children under the age of 18 will be exempted from vaccination duty. Children between the ages of two and 17 must undergo a Govt test before leaving for the United States. In particular: If an unvaccinated minor travels with a fully vaccinated adult, he or she should be tested three days prior to departure. If the unvaccinated minor travels alone or with unvaccinated adults, the test should be performed one day before departure.

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Covit 19 Passengers participating in clinical trials, travelers who may not be vaccinated for medical reasons or contraindications, and travelers who must travel for emergency or humanitarian reasons (as evidenced by a letter from the U.S. government).

Foreign travelers who fall under these exceptions must submit a Covid test conducted one day prior to departure with a negative result and undergo a second test between the third and fifth day of entry into the United States. One week of self-isolation is also recommended for these travelers. If they are not swapped between the third and fifth day of their arrival in the United States, 10 days of isolation is recommended. Beneficiaries of these exceptions, who wish to stay in the country for more than 60 days, should be vaccinated in the United States. Cases of those who are unable to be vaccinated due to medical discrepancies are excluded.

Recommendations of Minister Speranza

The news of the reopening of the United States was also felt in Malpensa, Delta saw a sharp rise in booking flights to New York.

Despite restrictions on travel to the United States, the Minister Roberto Speranza It underscores the importance of one’s safety with the advent of cold and the increased risk of infection. Asked about the possibility of buying air tickets in peace, the minister said he was “on holiday in Italy”.

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