The selection of a former Dutch prime minister reveals an upward trend

Christian Democrat Van Agt driesThe Dutch Prime Minister between 1977 and 1982 died this week at the age of 93.

Far from being a figure of importance in his country, this is the surprising fact He left with his wife, Eugenieof the same age, in one Euthanasia in duo.

The simultaneous deaths last Monday highlighted this An upward trend in the Netherlands.

2020 Euthanasia was granted to 26 couples. Numbers They have grown to 32 Next year, And 58 in 2022.

We die together, hand in hand

Although a Catholic, Van Agt was too Free verse in many respectsAs in his advocacy for the legalization of cannabis, which led him to smoke his first cigarette at the age of 86.

This was also in his last will and testament: after spending seventy years with his wife, they both decided to die “together, hand in hand.”

to It has been elaborated ever since Rights ForumIt is a pro-Palestinian group created by the politician at a later, more left-wing stage.

And the entity's director, Gerard Junkman It was explained to No These two They were very ill, but “they couldn't do without each other.”.

The politician's health has been very fragile for years, especially after suffering Brain hemorrhage in 2019.

They buried the couple together.

An unusual coincidence

Expertisecentrum Euthanasie, an organization that grants euthanasia to about 1,000 people a year in the Netherlands, notes that requests for assisted dying They are carefully reviewed on an individual basisnot as a couple.

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Speaker Elke Swart He explained to The Guardian “Despite the growing interest in double euthanasia, It is still rare“:

It is a mere coincidence that two people suffer at the same time “Painfully and without any possibility of relief… and they both wish to be euthanized.”

Pioneers in ensuring the right to a dignified death

Netherlands was The first country in the world to legalize the right to a dignified death.

Euthanasia and medically assisted suicide It has been legal since 2002 with six conditionsincluding unbearable suffering, lack of possibility of comfort, and a long and independent desire to die.

doctor He must confirm the diagnosis and life prospects This must be confirmed by a second independent specialist.

Most cases are treated by a family doctor at home and the procedure must be “medically accurate” and using appropriate medications.

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