Sulley Sorge’s GF Vip/Weeps collapses after the fight between Katia Ricciarelli, Lulu and…

Despite the festive atmosphere, in the Big Brother Vip 2021 home, the climate is by no means festive. The heated debates of the past few hours, particularly between Katia Ricciarelli and Lulu Selassie Who then also quarreled with Soleil rise Whoever defended the singer left his mark on everyone. Sully Sorge, once the tension was released, collapsed. Alone on the veranda, she took refuge on the sofa and, while smoking, left herself to despair.

In silence, as she looked at the garden, her former suitor of men and women did not shed her tears. The tensions of the past few hours have shaken all the competitors. In particular, the Vippos who have lived in the Cinecittà house for the past four months do not hide the fatigue made heavier by the tense atmosphere of the house divided into two groups.

Soleil Sorge is crying, sorry Carmen Russo

Also Carmen Russo He did not hide his bitterness for the situation that arose at home after the spending crisis. “If this is the end of a letter, to split my generation, that is an excuse. On the other hand, if there is a need to do the shopping separately, there are other ways to do it. It can also be said that there are eight people who prefer chicken rather than meatballs”Russo explains in the blue room during a conversation with Jessica Selassie.

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“I don’t mind if they don’t eat what I do. I did it with pleasure, but not because I needed to be satiated. If this decision can contribute to everyone’s happiness, so be it. After all, the situation was bleak.” Click here to watch the video.

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