Why is Manuel Portozzo missing out on the GF Vip? “I have Covid” / “I’m fine but…”

Note that the most attentive viewers have noticed the lack of a study big brother vip to Manuel Portozzo. The boy is not in his usual place among the omitted from this edition and many began to wonder why, asking the person in question why he was absent. The answer came soon after, when Manuel faced many questions, decided to clarify what had happened, and announced that he had Covid. “For all the people wondering why I wasn’t in the episode, I tested positive this morning!” Advertise on Instagram in a Story. So he reassured fans: “I’m fine but unfortunately I will be away for a while”explained. Finally, look at the bright side of it: “Now it’s better than mid-March!”, Or rather, mark the final of this edition. He was at home noticing the absence of Manuel Jessica Selassie Who indicated to his sister that there was no comment when Lulu sang their song live on September 22.

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