Eurovision 2023, Queen of Kings Alessandra Meili is a success. Who is the Queen of Norway?

Eurovision 2023, Queen of Kings Alessandra Meili is a success.  Who is the Queen of Norway?

Her name is Alessandra Meili, she’s 20, and she was The first singer to perform on stage at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. In the first semi-final, on the stage of the Liverpool Arena, the singer, competing for the Norway national team, shone. his song Queen of Kings And It has already become a huge hit in Italy as well, reaching millions of plays on major music streaming platforms.

There is no doubt that La Mele is one of the inspirations of the year: She is Italian from the province of Savona, but is currently in Norway where she lives with her mother’s relatives. The international success of her song led her to produce an Italian-language version.

Alessandra Whatley Mealy was bornHe was born in Pietra Ligure on September 5 to an Italian father from Albenga and a Norwegian mother. Alessandra grew up in Cesano sul Neiva, where she completed her studies and then moved to Norway.

In 2022 he participated in the seventh edition of the local version of The Voice and began attending the Lillehammer Institute for Music Production. In January 2023, she was confirmed among the 21 entrants for the annual Melody Grand Prix, The festival is used to select the Norwegian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest.

On January 14, he introduced the unreleased Queen of Kings during the first semi-finalwhich he passed, and got the chance to re-propose the piece in the final on 4 February. Here she was the winner of the jury and audience votes, and rightfully became the Norwegian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool

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First semi-final results


  • Croatia – Let 3 – Mama SH!
  • Moldova – Pasha Parveni – Soarele si luna
  • Swiss – Remo Fourier – Water pistol
  • Finland -Käärija- Cha cha cha
  • Czech -Vesna- My sister’s crown
  • Israel – Noah Kirill – unicorn
  • Portugal – simulated – Ai coração
  • Sweden -Lauren- tattoos
  • Serbia – Luke Black – Samo scared me
  • Norway – Alexandra – Queen of Kings


  • Malta – Busker – dance (our private party)
  • Latvia Surprising lights Ega
  • Ireland – youthful voluptuousness – We are one
  • Azerbaijan – Toral Toranx – Tell me more
  • villages a little – Mia Nicolai and Deion Cooper – Burning daylight

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