Stork lands in UeD

Stork lands in UeD

UeD, a stork arrives in Maria De Filippi’s studio: she’s pregnant. His declaration leaves half of Italy speechless. Here’s who the familiar face of the show is ready to be a mother.

UeD, the stork is coming –

Beloved protagonist of The throne of young men and women Willing to expand the family. king She is expecting her first child. Here she is preparing to become a mother, her announcement has left everyone speechless.

A child on the plane in UeD

study Maria de Filippi He continues to book some amazing surprises. Maurizio Costanzo’s wife It hosts ladies, knights, boys and girls in its stadium who turn to her to fall in love and find the other half of the apple.

Maria de Filippi, Queen of UeD
Maria de Filippi –

But often, the audience can see in the broadcast as well couples return Which was born directly in the living room of Canale 5 feelings that appeared again in the transmission for Update followers, production and hostthe existence thanks to which their dream of falling in love can come true, sometimes with a lot of family members.

Speaking of which, it arrives Another happy news For fans of the Marianne talk show: only she, The well-known face of broadcasting, she is pregnant. Here’s who’s getting ready to become a mother for the first time. Nobody expects that.

Who is the protagonist of the novel Men and Women Ready to Be a Mother

Members men and women You will be surprised by this amazing news: she, a well-known face on the broadcast of Canale 5, is ready to become a mother: we are talking about Larissa Pope.

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Larissa Pop
Larissa Pope –

The young woman, born in 1996, made herself known by viewers for her participation in UeD A few years ago, in the role of a suitor Marco Cartasinha. It was 2017 and the beautiful emerald-eyed blondeHe charmed everyone with his charm and wit.

Unfortunately she was not Tronista’s previous choice but his life went on anyway. Larissa gave the boy Italy The year following the expiration of her participation a men and women And in 2019 it became Co-founder of Stephen Larsonwhich is a company you deal with Luxury real estate.

Larissa from UeD
Larissa at the time of UeD –

It’s solar powered, beautiful and smart A career in real estate. For several years it has been paired with Fabio Fani For which, however, there is not much information because he has a special social profile.

Will be the father of the child who Larissa She is pregnant in her stomach, and she will be born in a few months. The former matchmaker for men and women posted one on her Instagram profile Photo Which you see beautiful, with The belly is now in the directory, While in Mauritius.

In a costume she’s gorgeous And His hand gently touching his stomach, expresses all the tenderness of the future mother, whose heart explodes with joy. In this shot, she is so beautifully seen, Larisa claims that she gained 7 kg, For now, but she also declares that she sees herself as more beautiful than before.

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