What you can no longer do

What you can no longer do

Watch out for the ATM, as you have to deal with a real revolution. Here’s what you can’t do anymore.

within Payment methods The most popular and used eye ATMRecently, we are witnessing a real revolution. But what’s going on? So let’s get into the details and see all there is to know about it.

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Over the years a world Capital Become the protagonist of the novel Continuous Change,
So much so that it is not possible to rule out the possibility soon Had to say goodbye to criticism. Instead of the latter, in fact, other payment tools continue to make their way, for example ATM and credit cards.

A process that seems destined not to stop, to the point of speaking of a real revolution underway. It is precisely in this context that we invite you to pay attention to news related to ATM withdrawals. In fact, this will not be possible soon. Let’s get into the details and see all there is to know about it

The Automated Teller Machine, a Revolution Underway: What’s Going On

We have already said that there is a real revolution in ATM withdrawals, but what is happening? Well, based on the latest stats, it will be interesting to know that you scored one Drop in atm that definitely can’t go unnoticed.

Going into detail, in fact, Out of 100,000 inhabitants, an average of 39 branches can be found. Given that in 2010 there were on average 56 branches per 100,000 inhabitants, it is easy to understand how the situation has changed dramatically and how it seems destined to continue on this path.

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If all this is not enough, some banks are already moving towards it Pay their clients to move their money. A clear example of this is the decision by FinecoBank, which has already warned its clients that it wants to close accounts with an average balance of more than 100 thousand euros.

A case, the latter, which can be avoided only if the customers concerned decide to transfer their savings to other initiatives proposed by their credit institution. If all this is not enough, decide Close multiple ATMs located in the region. This happens, it is easy to guess, with the clear intent of encouraging payments using digital tools, rather than cash.

just do Thus, direct withdrawal from an ATM can become more difficult for many. Therefore, keep an eye on the constant changes in the financial world, in order to avoid falling into a state of unpreparedness.

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