Arrival of confirmation of knowledge

Arrival of confirmation of knowledge

many like that the shopping And those who do not understand the degree of satisfaction one has at the moment they devote themselves to purchases should change their minds. Indeed, now comes the confirmation of science, which further highlights the importance of fun and the degree of satisfaction that stems from shopping.

This is not a habit in itself, but shopping is an inseparable part of business Especially stimulating. And maybe those who think it’s just an unrealistic practice should really change their minds. It’s all so true that experts are quick to say that a day spent shopping may be more desirable than love.

What the researchers found

Scientists analyze Gamma brain wavesIt has long been associated with the human brain, as it relates to mental states that appeal to creativity and pleasure. In this way, by recording the brainwaves of those who went shopping, the researchers found that shopping is more satisfying than even intimate relationships.

Experts are convinced that when people devote themselves to buying something, they are able to feel pleasure because buying it pays off. What are they actually. It’s like it’s self-affirmation, which can really come in handy if you’re in a calm state while shopping.

All of this is not just a theory, because there are also extensive findings about the physiological changes that purchases can have on the human organism.

Two categories of buyers

Through their research on shopping, scientists were able to distinguish between two categories of shoppers. One of these consists of those who manage to experience the so-called shopper rise, which occurs at the time of payment. So it will be a reaction he feels above all else when it comes to the cashier.

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This category of buyers is called Inspirational Shopper. Then there are those who belong to the class Shop-Y-Cat. They are those who buy only the necessary things, and willingly adapt to them.

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We are talking about this last type of buyer in particular who also experience a 30% increase in mental fatigue that especially occurs every 10 minutes during the time of purchase. There are also those buyers, mostly men, who feel the most Psychological pressurebut also physically while shopping.

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