“A wonderful flower who was happy with her life”

“A wonderful flower who was happy with her life”

Bertenoro, In these hours, we mourn the disappearance of Arnaldo Pampianco, also mourns the death of Annamaria Guedetti, the well-known face of Osteria “Mami” in Bracciano. She left after a sudden illness, leaving her husband, chef Marco Tomasi, and her two daughters orphans. Annamaria, an independent psychologist, was the “wellness specialist” at the bar, as stated on the job’s website. The death occurred as a result of an illness he had been accused of several nights before while he was in the pub.

Business has been closed for mourning until Thursday and will reopen Friday at 7 p.m., the Facebook page said. Multiple messages of condolence on the pub’s Facebook page. Prunella writes: “A flower is a wonderful woman who was inexplicably taken close to her family,” while Patrizia describes her as “a sunny woman, happy with her life and proud to be a mother. I’ve never seen such a quiet girl.” “Sometimes you are fortunate enough to meet people who go through your life, even for a short time, but who are so beautiful that they leave an indelible mark on your soul – these are Luciano’s words -. So thank you for being there, I’m sorry you traveled so far, and I hope that Your memory eases your family’s pain.”

Annamaria loved sharing her daily experiences on her Facebook wall. I love life. Among his suggestions is a hymn not to suppress feelings, but to externalize them: “Start living your life as if there is no tomorrow, stop wondering why, stop making excuses, make that extra phone call, get that gift more, Give that kiss or that foreplay. Live for the day.” And again: “Do what you want today, do it now or you risk losing time. Procrastination lowers self-esteem, and action instead generates energy, enthusiasm, opportunity, change, and happiness. Action allows you to be what you truly are: “Creator of your reality.” “Believe in yourself and have a good trip.” This is Annamaria’s legacy.

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