I requested the trial of the appointed president of the Council of Calabria

(ANSA) – CATANZARO, NOVEMBER 11 – Calabria regional councilor from Lega Filippo Mancuso, appointed to head the council and former municipal councilor of Catanzaro, is also among the 18 people charged with indictment as part of the “Gitonópoli” investigation, which relates to the alleged receipt of Unjustified fees for attending the activities of the Standing Committees of the Calabria Metropolitan Council.
The Catanzaro Public Prosecutor’s Office drafted the indictment request. The investigation was conducted by Deputy Attorney General Giulia Pantano and Deputy Attorney General Pasquale Mandolfino. The investigating judge, Antonella de Simone, has set the preliminary hearing for the next January 11th.
Persons who participated in the investigation are accused, for various reasons, of crimes of falsehood and ideological fraud.
The other persons the Prosecutor requested to be prosecuted are Agazio Pratic, Antonio Mirarchi, Antonio Angotti, Manuela Costanzo, Francesca Celli, Lorenzo Costa, Roberta Gallo, Francesco Gironda, Luigi Levato, Rosario Mancuso, Giuseppe Pisano, Cristina Rotondo, Giulia Procopi, Fabio Antonio Orsino and Enrico Consolante, all councilors remain in office. An indictment has also been sought for Fabio Celia, who is no longer a member of the city council.
The municipality of Catanzaro, in the person of the mayor, Sergio Abramo, was identified as a panicked party. According to the indictment, the chairpersons of the council committees Miranchi, Levato, Pisano, Tallarico, Manuela Costanzo, Consulante and Vice-President Francesca Seli had falsely testified, in the minutes of the meeting of the bodies, to the holding of numerous sessions, with the participation of members of their own councils and members of other councils, when the suspects did not in fact participate at all Or they participate in it only temporarily and intermittently. Thanks to the false reports, again according to the prosecution, all the suspects had misled the municipality of Catanzaro (hence the controversy came to all the frauds), and thus obtained an unfair profit from the payment, in their favor, by the authority, of attendance fees for their participation in the meetings. The total damage calculated for the municipality was €21,796, with specific reference to the period between November and December 2018.

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