Stellantis, US Immigration Incentive Program Underway

Stellantis, US Immigration Incentive Program Underway

The group’s US branch Stilants The workforce reduction program began in the United States. The plan, which provides for the offer of an incentive package to facilitate the voluntary exit of some of the 13,000 salaried employees working in non-industrial activities, is part of a broader strategy to reorganize the workforce in light of an ever stronger commitment to electric mobility.

emphasis. At the moment, it is not known how many workers are involved, nor what the company’s goals are. “As part of our transformation to become a sustainable technology mobility company and the market leader in low-emissions vehicles,” he explained from Auburn Hills, “in October, we offered some salaried American employees the opportunity to voluntarily separate from the company with a favorable package of benefits that would not be available to them otherwise.” The offer, which will be accepted by December 5, is aimed at employees with 30 years of service and recipients of retirement benefits or workers with at least 55 to 10 years of experience, even without pension entitlement.

Constant cuts. The program is similar to the one already put in place last fall for eligible retirees and follows a few months after a workforce-cutting plan implemented by Ford: In August Dearborn decided to cancel 3,000 contracts and salaries. employees, mostly in North America, as part of a restructuring and cost-cutting programme. On the other hand, General Motors has downsized its staff in recent years, while this year it has only banned hiring and limited replacements for key roles. In any case, the decline in employment in the US auto sector is general and linked to the transition to electric mobility, similar to what is also happening in Europe where there is talk of at least 600,000 jobs set to disappear with the farewell to heat-sucking motors and the transition to electric motors. Only in Italy, where Stellantis has launched voluntary exit programs similar in form to those in France or Germany, estimates include more than 100,000 positions.

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