From Italy to the United States, the Epic of the Immigrants in a Work – The Chronicle

The Magenta Council Room was attended by a large and attentive audience, the National Association of Parties – the theatrical show “From Fear to America” ​​organized by Anbi to reflect on events that eventually included Lombard immigrants to the United States. 1800s. A heartwarming monologue with music and popular songs performed by the leader of the Anbi Dominico Cassogria, introduced by Oreste Magni, the leader of the Ecoistituto della Valle del Ticino.

Actress Nora Picetti created and explained the show, the story of which was the image of Rosa, the foster daughter of a Kukyonesi farmer, who was forced to make unnecessary choices such as family and personal adventures, marriage and immigration. Rosa’s experience of resigning from the hardships of everyday life was intertwined with the dual path of body and interior, but also with courage; He finally freed himself and dispelled the fears that had “blocked” his life.

From. Bell.

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