CEO Bobby Kotick updates the acquisition and explains why it’s a good thing –

CEO Bobby Kotick updates the acquisition and explains why it’s a good thing –

Bobby Kotik Share a message with the teams in Activision Blizzard regarding the acquisition by Microsoft, stating a good reason for completing this process. In short, join us X-Box It will give access to talents from all over the world, realize ambitions and satisfy the audience.

“Team, I wanted to take some time from our successful launch season to give you an update on our progress toward completing the merger with Microsoft. With competition growing globally from companies with huge talent and resources, becoming part of a company that has Access to talent around the world will help us fill thousands of vacancies that we will fill in the coming years.”

“We have been and will be in fierce competition to attract and retain the talent we need to create content that meets the demands of our growing audience. Being part of Microsoft will help us Better achieve our ambitions and to meet the high standards of our audience.”

“As we said when we announced the merger, it’s a long process. We have already received approvals from countries such as Brazil. After careful consideration of the deal, the Brazilian authorities have come to the conclusion that we operate in a very dynamic and competitive sector and that the merger will not harm competition in any way.”

“We continue to work with regulators in other jurisdictions and the process is proceeding as expected. With so many large companies now competing in the approximately $200 billion gaming industry worldwide, it is understandable that regulators are trying to better understand the gaming industry. European Commission I announce that we have entered the second phase of our review in the region.”

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“We will continue to collaborate with the European Commission as we have many employees in the countries they represent. We have worked closely with Microsoft to engage Regulatory authorities in other major countries, to answer their questions and provide them with useful information for their review. People from all of our business units and functions have been involved in this organizational work and I want to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and effort in implementing this merger, which we continue to expect will come to an end at the current stage. the year which will end in June 2023.”

“We remain excited about the great games we keep releasing, and the growth we anticipate, which will result from that Increasing investments in this sector From many companies and complete the merger with Microsoft so that we can better compete. Thank you for your passion, enthusiasm and commitment to excellence. Sincerely, Bobby”

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