A man suspected of being a text message thief has been arrested in the United States

The world of international publishing has been shunned for years by the mysterious thief who pretends to be a publisher or literary agent, steals unpublished texts and seeks more.

He writes that the FBI has now arrested a man suspected of being the thief in question Defender. John F. of New York. The 29-year-old, who was arrested Wednesday at Kennedy Airport, is an Italian citizen who worked for British publisher Simon & Schuster.

Among other things, the script thief tried to deceive Canadian writer Margaret Atwood’s unpublished text.

Photo: Vianney Le Caer / TT

According to the FBI, man does Deceive or provoke hundreds of people to catch unpublished literary works. He is said to have created more than 160 pseudo-domains since 2016, so converting a single character in the address to using “professional language” would look like he sent an email from official accounts or publishers.

Among those attacked or contacted by the fraudster are numerous agents, teachers and educators, including Margaret Atwood and Sally Rooney.

Swedish publishers Albert Bonier and Norstead Publishers also faced script theft. “The FBI arrested a man who was warned by my publisher that he was actually looking for my unedited script,” Daniel Seolin, author of the book Norsteads, wrote on Twitter.


He also met with “Century” writer Jonas Jonas.

– I was attacked twice. First time in 2017 and then in November last year. Both times he acted as my agent and wanted to send me a semi-complete script. Both times we noticed it but it was a bad closure. Jonas Jonason says, I felt bad about it Express your money.

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The purpose of corruption However, this was a mystery because none of those who cheated to participate in the script were subjected to extortion or ransom demands. In addition, manuscripts did not appear online, which led some to suspect that he was a literary scout who sought information about conventions in advance.

Swedish writer Jonas Jonasan also ran into a fraudster.

Photo: Eric England

Daniel Sandstrom, literary director of the Albert Bonner Publishing House, believes it is difficult to see “financial or economic gains” in the actions of the fraudster.

But if there is a game psychology, or some kind of control, or a sense of superiority, it is easy to imagine. It’s an angry industry, and in that sense, it would be a good story, ”he said in an interview with Americans. Akila Last year.

A spokesman Simon & Schuster wrote in a statement that the publisher was “shocked and upset”.

“Protecting the intellectual property rights of our editors is of paramount importance to Simon & Schuster and everyone in the publishing industry, and we are grateful to the FBI for investigating these cases and now prosecuting the suspected perpetrator.”

The person has been charged with fraud and aggravated identity theft.

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