Toyota RAV4 debut is now imminent: classic design with cutting edge technology

Toyota RAV4 debut is now imminent: classic design with cutting edge technology

It’s time for news for Toyota with its new SUV model being shown in Europe as well. The 2023 model year of the RAV 4 can already be ordered with the start of production scheduled in these months. There are many innovations in both the infotainment and performance aspect…

The new Toyota model adds to the range of cars in the SUV segment. The new RAV 4 immediately presents itself as a model with a very sporty design as the Japanese house is already accustomed to, with dimensions that make it very comfortable inside. The news does not stop there, and in this regard we must start talking about the technological side.

In fact, on board the car will have a completely new infotainment system, with a 12.5-inch screen on which one can access a package of services, which when buying a car are provided free of charge for 4 years. The package includes traffic and parking information and access to the voice assistant developed by Toyota.

If desired, there is also a more complete version of this system, which can be ordered with purchase, which includes additional features such as an offline navigator, with road sign recognition and an app dedicated to controlling the SUV directly from a smartphone. The new RAV 4 will be available in 4 versions, let’s see them together …

RAV 4 model 2023, full hybrid with four versions

The Active Edition will include all the features we’ve already discussed, so the new infotainment system with a 12-inch screen, 18-inch alloy wheels, bi-LED headlights, LED fog lights, a rear-view camera, rear parking sensors and climate control Binary-zone.

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the second group “style” Designed for motorists who prefer a more attractive design, in fact we find the 18-inch black wheels, in two body colors with a black metallic roof and metallic paint. Once again for fans of sports designs, we also find the presence of the LED headlights, the sports seats and, finally, the equipment in the Dynamic Package (privacy rear windows and keyless start).

Interesting features are also for the Adventure version, where for the multimedia part we find the JBL 9 speaker system. The exterior design also sets it apart from other models, with a black grille, 19-inch silver wheels with enlarged wheel arches, and front and rear fenders under the bodywork.

The best set of the new Toyota model is the Lounge version where we find, like the previous version, 19-inch wheels but also a series of unique features: rearview mirror with integrated rear view camera, parking sensors with automatic braking, tailgate, electric sensor and kickstand. Then in the cockpit we have a leather interior and a panoramic view screen with a 360-degree view.

Prices for these four configurations start from the active version, which can be purchased for 40 thousand euros, while the style version will start at 44 thousand euros. For the Adventure and Lounge versions, we launched prices of 48,500 and 50,000 euros, respectively.

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