Farmers keep the A2 road in Tàrrega closed and work is underway to reopen the AP-7 and N-2 roads in Empordà

highway AP-7 is continuously sculpted This morning, though, the majority of farmer and rancher protests announced Thursday were lifted after several agreements were reached with the state. The cut affects the stretch 18 kilometers between Vilademuls and BorrassàTo pave the way, insight is power Some lanes open this afternoon or this evening.

The cut was marked and traffic was diverted via Exit 4 in Figueres, southbound, and Exit 5, in Villademoles, northbound.

These clean-up tasks will retroactively affect southbound traffic along the more than… 4 kilometers between Borrassà and Figueres.

Traffic is also blocked by Road N-2in both directions, in section 12 km between Bhaskara and Vellamala. Traffic is diverted to GI-623 at km 736, heading north, and to C-31 and C-26 at km 746, heading south.

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Mobilization continues in Tarija

In the south of the country, the A-2 highway remains closed in both directions in a section 7 kilometers between Tàrrega and Vilagrassa. The reason for this situation is that there are peasants who maintain mobilization because they consider that the agreements reached are insufficient. The intention is to preserve them Until noon on Saturday.

Farmers' meeting in Tariga, tonight (ACN/Anna Berga)

In addition, inN-2 It is traded with Delay between Tàrrega and VilagrassaIn both directions, with a length of 12 km.

Forecast of cuts in C-16

This weekend, farmers in central Catalonia announced their intention to cut off C-16 traffic, Llobregat axisWhich connects to Cerdania and France via Cady Tunnel.

Mascot, satisfied with the meeting with farmers and ranchers

The Minister for Climate Action, Agenda, Rural Affairs and Food, David Mascourthe was “satisfied” with starting “for the first time.” “A way to solve the problems facing farmers and livestock breeders in the country”.

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He said this the day after the meeting with the main unions and the Bagissa Revolution Platform, which was closed with some agreements that led to the lifting of most of the mobilization.

“The cry of the primary sector is a cry for help because many of them are going through very bad times.”He also said in an interview with “Radio Els matí de Catalunya” in which he expressed his understanding withDepartment name change requirements Which he directs, because they want “to see that the government in the country cares about the primary sector.”

name “Includes agriculture, livestock and fishing.”proposed by the farmers, which will be presented in next week's plenary session in Parliament and which will ultimately be agreed upon by the parties.

Aside from the farmers’ claims, Mascourt pointed out that the government does not support linking the basins, but rather supports making each “unit” manage its own water.

He said in this regard “In 2028-2029, the Barcelona metropolitan area will be self-sufficient.” It “will not rely on packaging” for drinking water and industrial use, which will come from renewable, desalinated and groundwater.

He also stressed that at the present time, with the current restrictions, Catalonia has water until the end of the yearAnd he defended that “We are going to have to rethink the way we live, if this continues as it seems it will.”.

listening toInterview with Counselor Mascourt:

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