Spalletti phone call and premiere

Spalletti phone call and premiere

The Argentine will wait a few days for Inter and then choose his future. Azure lovers dream

at home Naples Wounded to move the panel column as Kalidou Coulibaly (along with Mertens farewell, even if the regeneration slots don’t fade, and Insigne can’t be healed) only by an incoming shot with the same specific weight, albeit in another section: which leads to Paulo Dybala. Luciano Spalletti spent words that were important to him and would see Goya as the ideal partner for Osimene, concepts he has Explained over the phone In a call the two would have had in the past few hours, writes Gazzetta dello Sport.

From words to deeds given that according to Russia, the Aurelio de Laurentiis club also extradited Jorge Anton first official suggestion For Dybala: Five years, 5 million euros net with bonus Linked to the emergence of the team, goals and objectives that will raise the annual salary to it 6 million and more. The image rights It wouldn’t be a problem because Napoli already has agreements with other players who wear Goya’s technical sponsor.

A proposal in line with the proposal made in Coulibaly to renew before having to take note of the Senegalese decision, a proposal that follows a proposalInter. And we mention the Nerazzurri not by accident, given that Dybala has given himself a week to untangle his future: Marotta will be waiting until July 20You won’t hesitate to look elsewhere. Then Naples begins to dream.

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