Verona – Genoa: 1-0 Serie A 2021/2022. Final score and commentary on the match

  • Thank you for watching Verona Genoa live 1-0 and see you at the Serie A matches.20:35

  • In the second half, the rhythms drop compared to the first forty-five minutes. Genoa changes his face by entering Yeboah first and then Amiri, but he will not be able to find a tie. Piccoli has a chance to shoot at 68 degrees, but the result is weak and Lazovic managed to block the line. In the final, Verona made some conservative substitutions and managed the result, but it touched 2-0 with Hongla. Thus, Bentjoudi ended with a score of 1-0 for the Tudor team.20:34

  • Verona returns to win and jumps to ninth, reaching 45 points, surpassing Sassuolo. For Plessin, the first defeat comes on the bench in Genoa and his team remains in third place. In the next round of the tournament, Verona will visit Inter while the Ligurians host Lazio.20:31

  • 90′ + 4′

    Game ends! Verona won 1-0 against Genoa.20:27

  • 90′

    4 minutes of recovery.20:24

  • 90′

    Verona switch. Capri exits, Frappota enters.20:22

  • 89′

    A prolonged movement from Genoa, at the end picking the wrong Frendrup that forces the left cross to the bottom.20:21

  • 86′

    Once again Gunther was decisive, stopping Ameri, and firing single-handedly into the counterattack.20:18

  • 86′

    After Montepo exited in time, Piccoli speculated that he was watching the release of Badelge.20:18

  • 85 ‘

    Another free penalty, Amri beats in the area where there is still Gunther. Verona’s midfield finally touched down, but the goal kick was awarded.20:17

  • 81 ‘

    Capari pushes the ball away, but Genoa keep pushing and Badelge wins with a free kick.20:13

  • 80 ‘

    Galdames puts in a strong low cross, and there is Gunter closing. Genoa corner kick.20:13

  • 79 ‘

    Verona switch. Exit Faraoni enters Šutalo.20:12

  • 78 ‘

    Genoa replacement. Melegoni exits and enters Ekuban.20:10

  • 77 ‘

    Verona opportunity! Hongla in the area raises his head and strikes his right, Sirigu takes care of him as he dives to keep his team running.20:10

  • 76 ‘

    Hefti warned because he illegally stopped the re-start of Capri’s counterattack.20:09

  • 73 ‘

    Corner kick taken by Genoa in the middle of the area: small headers but the ball goes up and ends at the bottom.20:06

  • 72 ‘

    Casale warned to make a mistake on Melegoni.20:04

  • 71 ‘

    Amiri tries again and hits a superb shot in the area controlled by Piccoli with his hand. Verona free kick.20:04

  • 70′

    Verona switch. Bessa’s exit enters Hongla.20:02

  • 70′

    Verona switch. Lazovi exits and enters Depaoli.20:02

  • 69′

    Genoa opportunity! Al-Amiri gets involved and is widely followed on the left. The cross that reaches the area is dirty, but an aberration engages Piccoli who is trying to turn around. The ball is hit with little force and Lazovic is blocked on the goal line.20:02

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  • 66 ‘

    Amiri tries to play a fast ball into the far goal, a series of blocks brought by the Genoese but in the end no one reaches the ball.19:58

  • 65′

    Besa, who is mistakenly serving Amiri, is warned, rushing towards the door.19:57

  • 63 ‘

    Genoa replacement. Destro exits, Piccoli enters.19:56

  • 63 ‘

    Genoa replacement. Portanova exits and Amiri enters.19:56

  • 61 ‘

    The first episode of Galdames who tries to deduce from an extravagant distance. Comfortable grip for Montebo.19:54

  • 59′

    Elek hits an accurate ball for Tammys who lost in the area attempting an unnecessary heel kick.19:51

  • 57 ‘

    Badelge tries the left hand quickly from outside the area, misses the ball and sends it to the bottom.19:49

  • 56′

    The Pharaohs on the outside line are stubborn and jump on two legs, then Vazquez stops him and wins with a goal kick.19:49

  • 52 ‘

    Ilik and Lazovic in the race, and the shot hits a wall of white shirts.19:44

  • 50′

    Caprari faked the shot from close range and tried to go left-handed but Maksimovic is good at stepping in.19:42

  • 48 ‘

    Destro tries the overhead kick: he finds the goal but the ball is in Montepo’s glove.19:41

  • 48 ‘

    Verona opportunity! Caprari is centered off the head and crisscrossed over Simeone’s head hitting the high edge of a perfect pose. 19:40

  • 46 ‘

    Recovery began, and resumed from 1-0 in the first half.19:37

  • 45′

    Genoa replacement. Guðmundsson exits, Yeboah enters.19:38

  • 45′

    Genoa replacement. Storaro exits and enters Galdames.19:38

  • Genoa returned to receiving goals in the league, but at first the reaction was very good. Blessin’s team will have to maneuver patiently as they tried to do, but at the same time they will be able to fend off the opponent’s counterattacks. Verona was called to realize the footballing brilliance that was expressed in the first fracture, without putting herself at risk. 19:33

  • Verona has mastered the challenge right from the start. On the wings it has a different pace and when you focus on the offensive guys it has a higher quality. Already in the fifth minute the superiority is converted by Simeone’s goal, which Bessa shot correctly and was not blocked by Vazquez. Genoa responds well at first by increasing the quality of dribbling and patiently creating interesting plots, and also results in Portanova’s dribbling shot by Montepo. However, yellow and blue have a distinct advantage in counter-attack, and among the various opportunities created in the 31st position is the hit by Caprari. At the end of the first half the score was 1-0 Verona.19:26

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  • 45′

    End of the first half: Verona-Genoa 1-0.19:20

  • 45′

    Yellow Card Albert Gumundsson18:19

  • 42 ‘

    Varone continues to press on the right, Portanova is there to stop him, but No. 5 gets a throw-in. Basic performance so far from the outside.19:18

  • 39 ‘

    Destro lacks control in the area, but with the pressure forces Gunter into a corner.19:13

  • 38 ‘

    They also warned of his distinction in the ranks of Verona.19:15

  • 36′

    Ceccherini حذر warned19:13

  • 36′

    Sturaro makes a 20-meter ball and chain, but in the moment of the cross frees his oath: a ball at the bottom.19:11

  • 34 ‘

    Verona has been fired up and is still playing great football, maybe this time too much. In fact, Bessa is trying a very difficult throw on the Pharaohs who can’t keep playing. 19:09

  • 32 ‘

    Verona opportunity! Another great work from Verona. Varoni alters his playing style in favor of Lazovic, who can shoot alone in the race but prefers the touch that Capari once had. Number 10 in Verona ends at the nearby point, where Sirigu is.19:07

  • 30′

    A break from Gudmundsson on a wrong pass from Tamese, but the Icelander does not take advantage of the numerical superiority and, in turn, commits a mistake in offensive play.19:05

  • 27′

    Work before Hellas. Lazovic in favor of Capri, who finds play for Besa, who loses her balance in the last control of the region in the strait.19:02

  • 26′

    Gudmundsson hits the near post, there is a lead from Ceccherini. However, the assistant sees a touch from Sturaro and gives the goalkeeper the goalkeeper.19:01

  • 25′

    Destro collects a deep pass and from the baseline puts a sly ball into the area. The advantage is Tameze which softens the corner without the risk.7:00 pm

  • 23 ‘

    Contrasting the game between Casale and Sturaro, the latter has the worst knee on leg. Guest seat complains that the card has not arrived.18:58

  • 22 ‘

    Verona Ball! Caprari controls the area and starts strong in the far corner. Sirigu puts his fingertips in it, just enough to send him into the shaft.18:57

  • 21′

    Sending Gudmundsson to seek the center of the area finds only Lazovic’s head.18:56

  • 20′

    Destro passes between two men and is brought down by Elek’s handcuff in the left lane.18:55

  • 18 ‘

    In the last few minutes, the quality of Genoa’s dodge has increased, creating exciting plots with great patience.18:53

  • 16′

    Caprari tries to turn the side in favor of Faraoni, the idea does not pass: excellent progress from Freundrup.18:51

  • 15th ‘

    Genoa opportunity! Portanova starts and goes to the right. The blow is repelled from within the area in a dive by Montipò, who feels no desire to stop him.18:50

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  • 13′

    Hefty thinks left, then empties Mlegoni. Montebo blocks the central shot.18:47

  • 11′

    Simeone and Besa in the area, number 99 misses the finishing touch for his teammate and favors Badelge’s intervention.18:46

  • 9′

    Verona continues to attack, Simeone could be instantly dangerous but he’s missing the control he could have released.18:48

  • 5′

    The goal! Verona Genoa 1-0. Simeone network. Caprari and Bessa meet, and then comes the touch in the latter’s space. Simeone was fired to find himself chased by Vazquez, and the decisive touch could have been for the visiting defender who attempted a slip at the last minute.

    Look at the player card Giovanni Simeone18:45

    Giovanni Simeone
  • 5′

    Faraoni is stopped in a slide by Freundrup, and the ball goes to the feet of Lazovic who is trying to shoot from outside the area: a high ball.18:40

  • 4′

    A plane crash where Maksimovic takes the ball but also deals a blow to Giovanni Simeone.18:39

  • 2′

    Sturaro warned because he illegally stopped Ilic’s restart.18:38

  • Let’s go! The first half of Verona starts from Genoa. The first ball is run by the hosts.18:35

  • The meeting is moderated by Francesco Forno with the assistance of assistants Filippo Valeriani and Dario Ciccone. Fourth, Manuel Volpe Manuel. The VAR couple was formed by Danielle Chevy and Niccolo Baggliardini 18:25

  • Since the arrival of Alexander Plessin (January 19, 2022), Genoa have scored six clean sheets in eight Serie A matches.18:22

  • Daniel Besa, on the pitch today in place of Barrack, celebrates his 100th appearance in the Verona jersey.18:21

  • Genoa (4-2-3-1) lineup: Sirigu – Freindrop, Maksimovic, Hefty, Vazquez – Storaro, Badelge – Meligoni, Gudmundsson, Portanova – Destro. Available: Semper, Marchetti, Criscito, Masiello, Calafiori, Ghiglione, Gernani, Galdames, Amiri, Piccoli, Ekuban, Yeboah. The flocks of Alexander Plessin.18:18

  • Verona (3-4-1-2) official line-ups: Montepe-Ceccherini, Gunter, Casal-Varoni, Tamese, Ilic, Lazovic-Besa-Cabrar, Simeone. Available: Chiesa, Boseggia, Cancellieri, Depaoli, Frabotta, Sutalo, Restos, Honglà, Praszelik. Shepherd Igor Theodor.18:16

  • Genoa are 18th with 22 points, at -3 than Cagliari, who will save them for the time being. Before the national stoppage, the Sons of Plessin achieved success with a 1-0 victory over Torino.18:04

  • Verona is currently in 10th place with 42 points and has a chance to put their heads in front of Sassuolo in case they win. Before the break, Empoli stopped Gialloblo 1-1.18:03

  • At the Marcantonio Bentegodi Stadium, everything is ready for Verona-Genoa, a match valid for match 31 of Serie A.18:02

  • Where to play the game:

    Stadium: Marcantonio Bentegodi
    City: Verona
    Capacity: 39,211 spectators18:02

    Marcantonio Bentegodi
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