European Volleyball: Italy in the final, France beat France 3-0. On Saturday in Poland, Mattarella will also be present

European Volleyball: Italy in the final, France beat France 3-0.  On Saturday in Poland, Mattarella will also be present

Rome — Once again, they really had to see each other again. Italy against Poland, After one year. Spodek Arena then, Palatomatica now, Katowice and Roma linked in a final with reversed roles, and it is clear that the Azzurri, having found each other by heart, having watched Yuri Romano And Daniel Lafia Demolition France 3-0 in the semi-final after watching Simone Giannelli On the throne with Messi-style touches and a supporting cast that turns into a prince charming, after being rampant, they don’t want European Championship final World Cup mirror. They want to complete the work, having proven themselves as a group, as a society, and they head straight after the point of victory to embrace the absent. Simone Anzani And Roberto RussoHoping to get the second goal back against Poland.

Italy-France 3-0

It was a celebration of a team, but also a sport. With friendly players, the crowd sings their anthem and applauds their opponents’ anthem. A year ago, the Poles sang their a cappella pieces and remained on the field to honor their team and Italy, and in Rome, where football derbies are often raging, Marseilles are followed by applause, and the French national team is respected even in the moments when they are playing their matches. Putting Italy in a difficult position Vivi De Giorgi In the semi-finals. But difficulties are companions on the road, and now Feifei doesn’t even need to say it, his parents repeat it by heart. Difficulties are opportunities, clearly for improvement. They have arrived, you have to embrace them, they make you stronger. You can read it in the eyes of the Azzurri, that night in Bari, when they saw the witches with Holland. Taking a risk against a 1990s ghost team didn’t reveal insecurities, it raised immune defenses. Difficulties descended like birds of prey in the first set, so it is not advisable to give up two service errors and a two-point difference in front of the Olympic champions. But the Italian team faced the difficulty, and rose at that very moment in the European Championship, which was previously a popular celebration, and now became the master of volleyball. Romano diameters, ace SpirtoliLafia and Danka’s ball (6 points at this point) left the French stunned, who a moment before were playing it point by point. And again, the end of the third set, with France back, at that moment Micheletto Find the ace.

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Russo injured

But Italy is a system of transformers, where it can happen that you see the bat and the setter transform, and Lavia hands it to Giannelli who has prehensile hands. It’s a society in which Rousseau departs through injury, and the season ticket holder goes from the bench a year ago to the impressive replacement for Leandro Mosca who impressed in Roma against France.

Mattarella in the stands for the Italy-Poland match

Saturday in front of the president MattarellaThere will be a Poland that no longer has its fans, but has another player. Former Cuban lightning thrower Wilfredo Leon. “But we pay everyone in turn,” Alessandro Micheletto is clear. It’s Italy De Giorgi.

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