Amazon Prime Day, what you buy with online discounts

Amazon Prime Day, what you buy with online discounts

They just finished me Prime Day Amazon 2022, 48 hours of discounts that we told you about through a special special offer. We have recommended the best deals, discounts not to be missed, things not to buy and all sectors where you can find really reasonable discounts. But now that it’s all over, Let’s take stock of what happened in the past two days online: I’ve made many purchases, from cosmetics to products for the home. Here you will find the top 10 offers you liked the most.

Prime Day Amazon, the holiday power bank

The perfect purchase before you leave is this powerbank, which is very useful to always have with you so that you do not risk running out of charge while traveling or at the beach. Equipped with two USB ports and a cable, it would be perfect to keep in your beach bag or backpack.

You can find it here on Amazon

Prime Day Amazon Dishwasher Tablets in XXL Pack

Best Amazon Buys

Maxi’s packs of dishwasher tablets, which offer space and unmissable convenience, have been among your (like all year) favourites. The most purchased, however, was Fairy Platinum, in XXL packs with 176 tablets.

They’re still 20% off here

Amazon Prime Day Mosquito Spray

Best Amazon Buys

Mosquitoes are a big problem on summer evenings at every latitude. Let’s be prepared, then, with this practical 6-piece set of Autan mosquito repellents in a small version, so it is very useful to always carry it with us even in your backpack or trolley for leaving for the holidays.

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You can find it here

Amazon Prime Day Maxi Pack of Laundry Detergent

Best Amazon Buys

Nine months of laundry guaranteed with this space-saving (and piggy bank) bundle from Omino Bianco, which has a concentrated formula and a 2.6-liter bottle to keep in the wash and use whenever we need it. I loved it so much, you can still find it on sale!

Here you will find 13% discount

Amazon Prime Day, Swiffer Dust Cloths

Best Amazon Buys

Dust cloths are also at the top of the most popular Prime Day shopping list: In fact, this bulky pack of 120 dust pickup cloths and animal hairs is pretty useful to keep as a year-round source.

You can buy it here

Prime Amazon Day, the robot vacuum cleaner with app

Best Amazon Buys

Equipped with a brushless motor that provides up to 2000Pa of suction power, this robotic vacuum cleaner is able to remove dust, debris and other small particles as easily and effectively as dog food, to meet most household cleaning needs. In addition, it has two suction modes for different uses and energy saving and is equipped with an intelligent navigation system that allows the perfect planning of the cleaning path.

You can find it here still for sale

Prime Day Amazon Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

Best Amazon Buys

This soft, quilted pack of Scottonelle Toilet Paper with 48 Maxi Rolls is so much bought: Indeed, it’s a product we’ve always needed, and at a discount, it’s even better.

You can buy it here (still 9% off)

Amazon Prime Day Air Fryer

Best Amazon Buys

The Ardes Air Fryer is among the ones that got the best discount, and probably also for this reason, I really bought it a lot. 2-liter capacity, practical anti-scalding handle and non-slip feet.


You can find it here still on sale at 54%

Prime Day Amazon, Polaroid sunglasses for men

Best Amazon Buys

Sunglasses, in summer, are a must. And you also know well, who bought this men’s model from Polaroid en masse, the tortoiseshell frame with round lenses which is a great timeless classic. For men, but with its design it can also be worn by women.

You can find it here

Amazon Prime Day Dishwasher Detergent Gel

Best Amazon Buys

We round off these top ten of your best buys with our Ultimate Comfort Package of up to 210 washes. This is a jumbo package containing six large bottles of Lemon Scented Energy Gel: For everyday use.

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