The new steering on its debut in Singapore: Ferrari and Red Bull react

The new steering on its debut in Singapore: Ferrari and Red Bull react

Red Bull and Ferrari team principals comment on the new directive on the flexible wings that will debut in Singapore: “Some of them look like rubber…”

From Singapore, the front wings will end up on the FIA’s radar after new directive: Red Bull and Ferrari react. Credits: XBP Images

Single emission New technical guidance On the union’s part, this has been, for some time, an opportunity for team managers to do just that Practice this political art Which now inevitably trickles down to those at the top of the team.

It was on the occasion of the controversial TD39, It will be in TD018 case.

But let’s take a step back. Technical Regulations, in Article 3.2.2, Allows aerodynamic components to be bent within tight parameters. However, television images of wagtail forelimbs say so In fact the opposite is often true.

Hence then The union chose to intervene. From Singapore, in fact, the FIA ​​will more carefully evaluate the decrease in vehicle components Penalty for those who do not meet the parameters stipulated in the regulations.

This is a choice that was made later Observing the behavior of some lonely people“, explained the FIA ​​spokesman.

Team reaction: “Some of the wings feel like rubber.”

This does not concern us“, Horner explained immediately. We could not have expected a different response from the Milton Keynes team manager, who… Instead, he points the finger at his rivals: “A long time ago We see rubber-like wings. I hope the situation will be resolved by Singapore“.

The reference appears to be related to the technical solutions it has adopted Aston Martin. According to the opinion of most experts, in fact, this could be so The English team is the main target of this new pressure In the rules.

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And from his side too Vasseur reiterates that there is nothing to be afraid of at Ferrari.

to define, The directive aims to clarify the regulationThe Frenchman explained. “This means that “It’s about defining a rule that was actually in effect before.”.

However, the fact remainsThen he adds:That if the Union chooses to issue a technical directive, This means that the regulation was not originally clear enough“.

All in order except Aston Martin? That’s what the team managers seem to want you to believe. This is part of the game. Singapore will provide the answer.

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