TUSGSAL places QR codes with security paper on its buses

TUSGSAL places QR codes with security paper on its buses

DIREXIS TUSGSAL implements an individual identification system for each model of hybrid and electric buses in the fleet, by placing stickers containing QR codes on all four sides of the vehicle.

By taking a simple photo with a smartphone, firefighters will be able to directly access the safety and rescue data sheet of the model in question. They will therefore be able to locate specific safety items (batteries, etc.) and know how to intervene more quickly, effectively and safely, reducing risks.

One of the main barriers that emergency services face when they have to act is the lack of technical knowledge of the vehicle they have to intervene. There are many differences between bus models, such as the amount of power on board, voltage, location of electrically hazardous components, battery configuration and storage capacity, and others. In this sense, it is necessary to facilitate access to this very important information.

DIREXIS TUSGSAL is a pioneer in Catalonia in implementing this QRS in its bus fleet. Our aim is to extend this to all hybrid and electric vehicles of the DIREXIS Group.

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