Target details 65

Target details 65

Poste Italiane’s latest offer is the Target 65 interest-bearing coupon for those who want income for their future. Let’s go through the details to understand if this is the solution we have been waiting for.


Cassa Depositi e Prestiti issues a file good target 65 And Poste Italiane launches it on the market. Let’s talk about a valid solution for those who want Supplement future income Turn his thoughts into retirement. The latest news on the topic “Pensions” It is not particularly positive for those who will be leaving the world of work in about twenty years. Here the workers begin to fear for their future and assume an uncomfortable old age. there is a need for Greater support Goal 65 may be the right decision to take today to improve the future.

How a 65 Poste Italiane’s Objective Bond Works

If you want to invest in the future, the Obiettivo 65 is the tool to consider. It is a voucher that allows you to consolidate income after retirement, guaranteeing you a certain income 65 to 80 years old. Among the main features of the voucher we mention the possibility to build one monthly payment Continue buying vouchers until the age of 54. From the age of 65 you will then receive the monthly pension.

The benefits of a Poste Italiani’s Objective 65 coupon that carry interest are Flexibility – The invested capital can be repaid at any time – la Guaranteed by the Italian state elNo costs Regardless of tax burdens. In addition, the respective tool takes advantage of subsidized taxes at 12.50% on interest.

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How to buy coupons

L ‘buy vouchers It can occur in different ways. You can choose to subscribe to Poste Italiane fruit vouchers through libretto smart By accessing the web portal or BancoPosta app. BancoPosta account holders can then choose to sign up online for vouchers using l ‘online banking. Finally, users can go to the post office and order a subscription to the tool directly from the operator.

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Installment simulation

Before signing the contract it is possible Find out what premium you will have to pay Monthly simply by accessing the Poste Italiane portal in the Obiettivo 65 section and clicking “Simulate Installment”. In the form that will appear, it will be necessary to enter the amount to be invested and the date of birth.

An example showing the amount of 15 thousand euros and applicant born on November 13, 1983. The 180 installments will be €126.67 and the annual installment will start on December 13, 2048. The expected repayment amount will be 19,510.20 euros.

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