This product is priced DGT

This product is priced DGT

2023 will be a busy year for the General Traffic Department And drivers due to the scale of changes introduced by the new traffic law in 2022. The General Directorate of Buses has already announced the regulatory changes that came into force in the first months of last year, in addition to… New rule for ITV pass In our vehicles.

The agency headed by Perry Navarro is raising eyebrows Significantly reducing the number of accidents on Spanish roads2021 was a great year in terms of the number of fatal accidents in Spain, although 2020 was marked by the pandemic.

Spain's motorways and dual carriageways have become safer This remarkable decline in deaths is reflected in last year's data. However, there are still some items to be resolved, for example, largely for heavy vehicles, the famous blind spots.

The new emergency light is available at Carrefour

Emergency light flashing Help-Flash 2.0 Carrefour

One of the changes in DGT is to remove the triangles we use in the event of an accident and replace them with one V-16 emergency light flashing Which is placed in the car and can be seen from afar. Points of sale are aware of this new need and are already including some models in their catalogs.

This is the case of Carrefour Help-Flash 2.0 Available The original cost of this lamp was €55.99 and is now selling for €17.20 On the website of the hypermarket chain, with a delivery time as short as one or two days.

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