So true, previews for Sunday, October 29: Paciano responds to Sophie!

So true, previews for Sunday, October 29: Paciano responds to Sophie!

The living room of Verissimo will once again be the scene of a dispute between Sophie Codigioni and Alessandro Paciano. The former Vippone will return to the studio this afternoon along with several other guests. The appointment is on Canale 5, at 4.30pm, with Silvia Tuovanen.

Sunday appointment is back very rightthe highest rated TV show on Channel 5. The title, unfortunately, is not a typo. Once again, the broadcaster Silvia Tuvanen You will take care of the troubled break between Sophie Codigioni and Alessandro Paciano. After listening to the former tronista’s point of view last Sunday men and womenToday, Al-Janawi will return to the studio to clarify his position. Plus, there are a lot of exciting things in store interview For viewers. Let’s find out all guests Which Sunday 29 October, starting from 4.30 pmthey will talk about it general One of the popular talk shows.

So true, previews for Sunday, October 29, the return of Alessandro Paciano

As is now known to everyone, Sophie Codejoni She decided to separate from her daughter’s father CelineShe was born five months ago, after her discovery betrayal from him. Paciano Spent three days in Ibiza with Luzma Cabello, his old flame, who then made sure to spill the beans to the 22-year-old. The Genoese had the opportunity to respond to Sophie’s accusations, also in Silvia Toffanen’s living room. There, between sobs, he pledged it He never cheated on his ex-girlfriend: He loves her madly and wants to get back with her. And the next day, Sunday, October 22, there it is again Codejoni In the living room Channel 5. Former contestant L Big Brother VIP He confirmed that he no longer wanted to have anything to do with it Alexander He also said: A very dangerous episode. During a holiday in Mykonos, her ex-husband allegedly slapped her for petty reasons. In today’s episode, of course Paciano He will have the opportunity to tell the truth about this unpleasant episode.

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Let’s keep it going First interview to very right to Samira Lowe. The gorgeous 25-year-old model recently exited the Big Brother house. In the most spied-on house in Italy, former professor the legacy He made Giuseppe Garibaldi lose his mind, which helped create a rift in his relationship with him Beatrice Luzzi. to Silvia Tuvanenthe beautiful Samira He will talk about the difficult relationship with him dad So is he love story with Luigi Ponzo.

The World’s Greatest protagonist returns to the studio Italian TV. Very nice Jerry ScottiWho will soon return to the presidency I sing the generation on Channel 5will land in very right In new clothes: that one writer. The beloved host will actually present his first titled show What did you miss? The book is issued by Rizzoli Coming out October 31st. Finally straight from school Friends of Maria De FilippiThe presenter will welcome you Anna Bettinelli. The singing teacher will talk about the news of the current version of the talent program.

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