“Bring back the rich and the poor and send him to heaven”

“Bring back the rich and the poor and send him to heaven”

The Voice has been revamped, especially in the children’s version: Here comes the place of the rich and the poor. The web doesn’t seem too happy with this choice

The audio is a format hosted by the presenter, Antonella Clerici. The “senior” version envisions people over 60 performing before exceptional judges, who, turning their backs – based on the pleasure they see in others singing – should turn around only if they agree. Then, if the contestants pass the test, they can choose one of their own as a coach. The “children’s” version is almost identical, only children compete.

The judges of previous releases for both formats were rapper Clementino, musician Gigi D’Alessio, rock singer Loredana Berté and the duo I Ricchi e Poveri. While the first three seem to be confirmed for next year as well, it looks like the singers of It Will Be Because I Love You, Angelo and Angela have to leave room for someone else. The first names of potential replacements appear. One of them is not at all liked by Rai’s fans who have already rejected him on social media. So let’s find out who he is, without further delay.

The voice of Antonella Clerici, who arrives and who leaves: Not everyone likes the new entry

The Voice Kids, which aired this spring, can expect to air, according to the latest rumors. In fact, it is said that it will return to Rai 1 starting in the fall of 2023. It will be a departure with “bang” for state television due to the fact that the show has always been able to thrill millions of viewers with insane ratings and participation almost from San Remo (in short, on broadcast evenings, most preferred People watch this, rather than anything else, at the same time on the small screen).

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But let’s move on to the news. Instead of Ricchi e Poveri, several singers will be evaluated, among whom the name Arisa appears. A few days ago, the news leaked that the La Notte singer would, in fact, leave the talent show in which she worked as a teacher this year: Amici di Maria De Filippi. Will a WACS coach land in public service again? I mention that behind being a detective on Millie Carlucci’s show The Masked Singer…

The Voice Kids, comments against Arisa

It is not known for certain. The reason for the hesitation would be related to the fact that another channel, this time not so obvious, Sky, would like Arisa to be the face of Beijing Express, the reality show known all over the world. On the other hand, the singer is being torn to shreds by the web, not particularly appreciated as a ‘teacher’, and there are those who write: “No, please, let’s send Arisa to Sky.”. Very bad people talk like that. In our opinion, in fact, Rosalba Peppa is not only one of the best Italian voices, but also an excellent coach and supporter.

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