Fabrizio Corona confirms the story with Giacomo Ortes after the scoop for Gf Vip: It was a secret

Big Brother VIP 2021/2022

Fabrizio Corona publishes a story in which he slips, with perfect irony and timing, into the story of Giacomo Ortis, who on GF Vip traces the identity of the significant person with whom he was going to have a three-way affair with his wife.

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Big Brother VIP 2021/2022

“I was in bed with him and I looked at his wife and then I looked at the two of them.”. Giacomo Ortis’s story of Big Brother Vabe His three-way affair with a well-known figure from the entertainment world and his wife inevitably prompted him to search for a name. At the top of the list of suspects, immediately, is Fabrizio Corona, who fully responds to the identity that Urtis reported to Sophie Codegoni, with details of his prison precedents that leave little room for interpretation.

Fabrizio Corona takes the podium with his satirical position

In a few hours And Corona himself was the one who confirmed, in a sense, the reconstructions that led to it. To an Instagram photo of him embracing Urtis, Fabrizio Corona added a rather eloquent comment: “My love…a great and only one, it was our secret…come on!”. The ironic tone is perceived from miles away, and the timing of the story’s publication confirms, if nothing else, Corona’s ability to stay on the right track. maker of this issue. Whether it’s his turn or not, anyone who wants to investigate this story should go for it.

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What Giacomo Ortis said

Ma What did Giacomo Ortis say in a house that rough? The surgeon, at Big Brother Phoebe’s house for the second year in a row, told Sophie Codegoni about the story of a bed with a well-known man from the entertainment world, without explicitly revealing the name.. “He never hid from him”, Urtis assures us. “I lived in Sardinia and knew no one. He introduced me all to him … He told me to go and live with him. We met at the airport. I saw an arm lined with shards, full of jewels, turned and said ‘Nice to meet you, Giacomo'”, and he “Pleased fa … “. These last details add an extra piece to Corona’s identity. “He always says he really loves you!” Sophie comments, surprised. “When I came to dinner there, in fact, I saw you kiss each other, but you know we all say goodbye by kissing each other on the mouth, I didn’t think…”.

Relationship between Nina Moric and Giacomo Ortis

On the other hand, Giacomo Ortis has always been a pawn in Fabrizio Corona’s entourage and his love-hate relationship with Nina Moric, into which the surgeon has intervened several times and with whom he has a close relationship, not by chance, before the disagreements last year, when there was a back and forth between the two in The weeks when there was a lot of talk about Fabrizio Corona and his health after another problem with justice.

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