Hair, all the useful tips for hairstyles that fight humidity

Hair, all the useful tips for hairstyles that fight humidity

Do you also want super trendy hairstyles? Here’s how to fix your hair especially if it’s damp.

In addition to the hairstyles that change every year in accordance with the new trends proposed by hairdressers on the catwalk, there are many hairstyles that make a comeback in recent years. If you are bothered by the usual falling hair or frizzy hair, here are some alternatives that may be right for you. First of all, this year we have to thank Lulu Selassie, the Ethiopian Princess of the Big Brother Vip who created real costumes with her tails. The tails are reminiscent of Minnie’s ears and there are a lot of people who reproduce this hairstyle. But we must thank not only Lulu Selassiè, but also the many accessories that have returned to adorn hair in recent years.

Practical, fast and above all moisture resistant hairstyle!

In recent years, the fashion that Chiara Ferragni wore throughout her days at the beach is back. How not to mention the ultra-shiny clothespins that Julia de Lillis wears so often. Fashions in the world of hair did not end here. Bandanas, headbands and a lot of accessories that have been forgotten for some time are back in fashion in recent years and many influencers are choosing and sponsoring really cute outfits.

However, if you do not want to resort to accessories and are tired of the usual style at the hairdresser, here is a hairstyle that is not only very trendy but also moisture resistant. Always the queen of the web, Chiara Ferragni, she usually uses this effect when she’s not having her hair stylist friend who always makes her amazing hairstyles!

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We are talking about the very popular “wet effect” that can help you recreate many different looks. If you intend to wash your hair the next day, this can be done with the classic gel while if you have just washed your hair, it is done by applying an oil that helps seal the scales. Then comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb and recreate it as well as some waves. The wet effect is ideal for all hair types, short and long, straight or curly, we are sure that it will guarantee you an amazing effect but we advise you to try it first. The hairstyle can also be combined with hair that is always left with the same loose effect on the shoulders or why not, tell knot or low ponytail.

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