February 3, 2023

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Verdi’s “Don Carlo” opens the San Carlo season in Naples

Canceled on Saturday as a sign of mourning for the tragedy that befell the island of Ischia, Don Carlo who opened the season at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples on Tuesday 29 November and the Rai Cultura show live at 21.15. on Rai5.
The opera, which marked the Neapolitan debut of the great German director Klaus Goeth, was proposed in the five-act version in Italian and had been missing from the San Carlo scenes for 21 years. On the platform of the orchestra and choir of the Teatro di San Carlo is Juraj Valčuha. Master Jose Luis Paso Choir. “In my idea of ​​\u200b\u200bDon Carlo – says director Guth – I focused my attention on the main character, following his point of view. Don Carlo is a fragile figure, unable to face what society demands of him. He is a dreamer, closer to the world of fantasy than to reality. He is and still is Trapped in the same place and this captivity describes his condition in the world. He can’t find a place in the universe he was born into, and seems to be in the wrong place: his father rejects him and the woman he loves becomes his mother after marrying Philip II. Even Rodrigo, the only friend he seems to have , exploits him for his own purposes. All this creates in him a dark vision of the world, similar to a prison. As the five acts unfold, more and more characters reveal themselves in despair and loneliness. “
In the cast, Mathieu Pollenzani co-stars, Michele Bertossi plays Philip II, Ludovic Teziere Rodrigo, Aline Perez plays Elisabeth of Valois and Elena Garana Princess Eboli.
The sets are by Etienne Bloss, the costumes are by Petra Reinhardt, and the lights are by Olaf Friese, while the video is by Roland Horvath, and the drama is by Yvonne Gebor.
The TV directing is Claudia de Toma.

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