Smasung, 50-inch Smart TV at an unbeatable price: the offer

Smasung, 50-inch Smart TV at an unbeatable price: the offer

The mid-range Smart TV from the South Korean manufacturer is available at the lowest price ever: you can save 300 euros on the list price.

For years, the brand Samsung Synonymous with quality and excellence in the most diverse sectors of consumer electronics, and in the telephone sector in particular, the South Korean manufacturer is undoubtedly one of the main champions (if not the absolute champion) with models ranging in all price ranges.

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the 50 inch CU8500 Series Smart TV, today among the best deals on Amazon, featuring absolute value technical features (such as Dynamic Crystal Color technology and an AI processor) and a decidedly attractive price list. Thanks to the higher promotion of the e-commerce giant, the quality/price ratio is growing exponentially: the Samsung UE50CU8570UXZT Smart TV has easily become a best buy in the segment.

Samsung CU8500 Series 50 Inch Smart TV

Samsung UE50CU8570UXZT Datasheet: Features and Functions

As mentioned earlier, the list of excellent technical features of the Samsung Smart TV offered on Amazon is quite large. However, among all these, there are two that stand out from the others: Dynamic Crystal Color technology and the 4K AI Crystal Processor. The combined work of these two components ensures very high video quality.

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Dynamic Crystal Color makes this 4K LED display pop Over a billion shades of colourFor lifelike images like never before. On the other hand, the processor adapts the settings to the program you are watching in real time, to always ensure the best possible viewing experience.

Similar words also on the audio front. employing technologies such as OTS Lite voice and adaptive voice Optimize the settings according to the program and the room in which the TV is located. Thus it will be possible to experience an immersive and engaging listening experience like never before.

there operating platform, then allows you to install their respective applications allowing you to choose from the richest and most well-equipped catalog in this segment. Not only video and audio streaming applications, but also utilities, video games and much more. Compatibility with major voice assistants will allow you to control their features with simple commands, instead Smart Things platform Turns your TV into a control center for your smart home devices. So you can manage smart lights, smart thermostats, security cameras, and much more.

Samsung, Smart TV has never been so easy: discount, offer and final price

A versatile and complete device, capable of radically improving your viewing and listening experience. Available today, as already mentioned at the beginning, a A price not to be passed around lightly. The Samsung CU8500 Series 50 Inch Smart TV is already available with one 38% discount and costs 499.00 euros.

Compared to the manufacturer’s recommended price, the savings are significant: You will pay 300 euros less.

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Samsung CU8500 Series 50 Inch Smart TV

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