BMW, a painful farewell to its fans: it will no longer be sold

BMW, a painful farewell to its fans: it will no longer be sold

There is some hard news for BMW brand fans who will no longer be able to afford just one type of car. Here's which one

It's certainly not the best period in history for the four-wheel drive market, with the shift towards electrification a volatile trend for many brands.

BMW, the latest news for shock enthusiasts –

there BMW, For example, it has chosen to manufacture electric cars only in Germany from 2027, with only combustion engine-equipped models being produced outside national borders.

This is a difficult decision for enthusiasts to accept, and even more difficult to understand, since electrics certainly don't sell like hotcakes. BMW has now done that A more radical optionSaying goodbye to one of the best features of their cars. Let's see what it is and how much it affects the way you drive.

BMW, final farewell: a bad shot for purists

The manual gearbox is gradually disappearing from our cars, which are becoming increasingly technological and equipped with automatic transmissions. Well, BMW has decided so Also remove the manual gearbox from the M seriesthat is, from its own division dealing with sports cars and more expensive cars, of which a manual transmission was one of its distinctive features.

At the moment, the M division still offers the possibility of choosing a manual gearbox, but now the announcement has arrived regarding the future and complete elimination of this device. This is, objectively speaking, a disappointment for all-wheel drive enthusiasts who have always had a special bond with a manual gearbox. However, they will soon have to say goodbye to him if they want to continue driving the Munich company's cars.

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BMW, Historical Change (BMW) –

Frank WeberMember of the Board of Directors of BMW in an interview with “four wheels“, explaining that the days of the automatic transmission are now numbered:”These are very interesting products, but in these cases, you have to be very honest. Their sales volumes are becoming increasingly smaller, and it makes no sense to continue developing them.

Weber It also triggers a kind of reminder For BMW lovers: “For this reason, if you want to have one of our M series cars with a manual gearbox, we invite you to buy it immediately, because soon we will not manufacture any. As I said before, developing a manual gearbox is not suitable for us due to the lack of sales“.

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