File transfer access via Bluetooth

File transfer access via Bluetooth

In the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, a new, potentially revolutionary function has appeared for users: direct file transfer via Bluetooth.

half He knows very well that it is no longer enough to have more 2 billion users To maintain leadership among instant messaging applications forever. That's why, just like all of its competitors, it continues to develop its main chat app: WhatsApp.

Somebody heresy They are important, others are minor or merely delicious, and others are potentially revolutionary. The latest news that Meta is working on is one that's really important: it's coming to WhatsApp Share files between two phonesthrough communication Bluetooth.

WhatsApp: How BT sharing will work

To find out what's new next WhatsAppwhich is already present in the application Beta version for AndroidIt was the usual location WABetaInfoknown for his extensive experience as developers of the most widely used chat application in the world.

file sharing (Up to 2GB) on WhatsApp, already today, it is possible but only Passing through meta servers: User A opens the app and sends an attachment to User B, who will receive it after uploading that file to the servers, sending it and then downloading it to the phone.

All with one End-to-end encrypted communicationin the WhatsApp tradition, but also asynchronously if desired: User A sends the file, and then User B downloads it when he wants.

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the new Sharing via BluetoothHowever, it works differently: the two phones must be like that Physically close Throughout the transfer period, which continues to be the case encrypted To avoid hacker attacks of the type “Man in the middle“.

The user can choose if he wants Visible Or not for other nearby WhatsApp users (for everyone, for your contacts, for no one) and for them you must have WhatsApp open Throughout the transportation periodon both phones.

Sharing BT on WhatsApp: why it matters

We were saying, in our opinion, this would be the one Very important news For WhatsApp users, there are more than one reasons.

First of all to protect Privacy: The files we send do not pass through identification servers, and there cannot be any Copies saved from who knows whereIn theory, no judge would be able to go and see those files, unless he actually got hold of one of the phones you exchanged.

Then there is the universality of WhatsApp, which exists today, to consider Two billion phones All over the world, with Different operating systemsFrom different brands.

In the Android world there is a file transfer service via Bluetooth, which is called “Share nearby“, while on iPhone there is the equivalent sharing via AirDrop. But Between Android and iPhone There is a wall that is difficult to overcome and Bluetooth transfers between WhatsApp profiles can literally break down.

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When the bluetooth transfer arrives

the Transfer files directly Via Bluetooth in the trial version of the application WhatsAppwhich, as usual, suggests a lot of caution in formulating any kind of hypothesis regarding the arrival of this function in stable applications.

Among other things, it is also about First sightingSo the development of this novelty may have begun recently.

We also add to this that this is a very important function, but it is also very sensitive in terms Privacywhether regarding Transportation security.

So we don't want to assume that this news will arrive soon on the stable WhatsApp apps for Android and iOS, but we are almost certain that it will. During 2024 It will appear and disappear several times in beta applications and then finally arrive at the end of the year or so, In 2025.

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