“Violent fight, cut off his foot, blood was everywhere.”

“Violent fight, cut off his foot, blood was everywhere.”

It was above hers browse When he realized in an instant that he was in danger. a browser He was enjoying the waves On Lighthouse Beach, in the Australian state of New South Wales, when something goes wrong.

One the White shark From 4 meters, in fact, it has attached his legs, but he did not lose his nerve and started a violent fight that lasted about 30 seconds. Fight to the end blood with the bulk animal who finally left.

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As reported 9newsThe protagonist of the story is Toby Page. The surfer fought for about 30 seconds before returning to shore with a serious leg injury.

Taking SharksIndeed, it has happened separate clearly a foot But not only. He was immediately taken to the hospital, and he underwent several surgeries: «He will need several surgeries and years of rehabilitation ahead of him», son-in-law said. But a man should consider himself lucky. Not many people can report being attacked by a great white shark of this size.

After the attack Lighthouse Beach was closed. A young witness recounted what the show was like «Really scary, he raised his foot and the sea turned red in an instant – there was blood everywhere».

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