Sissi TV / Sissi & Franz’s second episode introduces the turbulent honeymoon!

The Sisi series, a preview of the second episode, January 4, 2022

The second episode of the TV series.Sisi”, scheduled for Tuesday January 4 at 21:35 on Kanal 5, promises good. The honeymoon is rather turbulent: Sissi and Franz have moved to Laxenburg, a castle on the outskirts of Vienna, but after a good start, the emperor distanced himself from it again. In the end, the two manage to consummate the marriage and now Sisi wants a child. After receiving a letter from Fanny, he visits her in the slums of Vienna. On this occasion, there is a return to her close friendship, and Fanny also gives her excellent pregnancy advice. The Archduchess discovers Sisi’s conquests of the neighborhood Fani and consolidates her control over the movements of the Empress.Meanwhile, in Milan, the rebels attacked and killed the palace of the regent of Lombardy-Venetia, while in Hungary the people’s resentment towards the crown grows (adjective by F.D. Zaza).

Fanny kicked out

The second episode of the TV series.Sisi“It will be broadcast on Tuesday January 4, 2022 at 21:35 on Canal 5. As her husband has already warned, after the marriage, Sissi begins difficulties: she is too young to attend her wedding on the first night and Franz, although he understands her, decides to move away She is physically separated from her by spending the nights in another family and with other businesses.Moreover, the strict Habsburg ceremonial protocol will surely prove painful to Sissy, who is having a nervous breakdown.Her good friend, Fanny, the prostitute who rented a brothel that Franz had frequented, is identified on the The spot is considered someone unfit for the court’s requirements and is abruptly banished without any consideration.She finds herself very poor, alone, in torrential rain and at the mercy of three criminals.She is saved by the intervention of Lajos, a Hungarian patriot based in Vienna to eliminate the Emperor himself (by FD Zaza).

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hero sayings

Tuesday, January 4, 2022 prime time on Canale 5, episode two of TV series “Sisi, dedicated to the famous Empress of Austria. The German series then tells a story Elizabeth Amalia Eugenia of Wittelsbach (Dominic Davenport), who lived at the end of the 19th century, falls in love with Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I (Jannick Schumann). Only after the wedding will you realize that life at the Habsburg court in Vienna is not what you expected. “We were so lucky to find Dominique Devenport to play the new and unique role of Sissi. Just like the Empress herself, Dominic impresses with her energy and complete understanding of the role. On the other hand, Yannick Schumann will represent the never-before-seen Emperor Francis, showing inner struggles and unstoppable sensations, which will captivate everyone’s heartssaid Andreas Gotzet, producer, lead writer and exhibitor.

Al-Sisi series, the plot of episodes 3 and 4

Let’s get to know file previews Episodes 3 and 4 of the TV series.Sisi Which will be broadcast on Tuesday January 4, 2022 at 21.25 on Canal 5. In the first episode, Franz, after a quarrel with his future father-in-law, enters a brothel. Sissy, who follows him, meets Fanny (Paula Cooper), a prostitute who will become an inseparable friend and companion. The young duchess, falling in love with Franz, decided to marry him but after the marriage the first difficulties began: Franz physically moved away from her and, as his father expected, the effect of the strict Habsburg celebration turned out to be disastrous. Despite the difficulties, the young couple loves each other and finally manages to consummate the marriage. Sisi decides to follow Fanny’s pregnancy advice and also tries to adapt to the harsh life in court.

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