Chain Reaction, Fifth Chalk Triumph: Amazing Prize Money

Chain Reaction, Fifth Chalk Triumph: Amazing Prize Money

And also this time I am chalk had won! new samples from chain reaction They just didn’t seem willing to stop, and picked up their fifth straight win. Lorenzo, Eduardo and Riccardo would certainly rewrite the story of this Game showBecause they never lost a challenge. This time, however, the boys outdid themselves by collecting an amazing amount!

Chain Reaction, July 3, 2023 episode: Chalk Challenges Croccantini

Summer continues unabated, as it does in Chain Reaction games. Enthusiast Marco Llorni kicked off the July 3 episode, Episode V with chalk champs. Eduardo, Lorenzo and Riccardo I have accepted the challenge posed by the new entries called “Croccantini”. Flora, Simon and Agnes immediately explained their surname choice:We are cats. We are surrounded by cats“.

Between the chain and the zip, we come to the fateful moment of theGain understanding. In this game the harmony between the two teams is tested. This time, the Jessets enjoyed the time advantage offered by Zot. And with 65 seconds of time at their disposal, the Florentine native trio managed to conquer the 12-word beauty.

A big goal, but not impossible. However, the newcomers couldn’t have done better, and after a few twists and turns, they had to work their way up to eight words. “This mistake was crucial. I’m sorry. You made a great impression. It was a pleasure meeting you. HelloThese are the words used by the conductor to dismiss Croccantini.

Chain Reaction, here is Chalk’s fifth win

This time Lorenzo, Eduardo and Riccardo amassed a rich booty of 104,000 euros. The Florentine boys showed so much concentration, it’s no coincidence that they were so good at closing Ultima Catena without getting cut in half even once! The first and only half reached the last word, to buy the third item.

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Between “Acceso” and “Vulcano” the word has been masked with the final value of 52 thousand euros. The boys, after thinking about it, leaned towards “Active”. Marco Llorni listened to their explanations, making them fry a bit before passing the positive verdict. this Fifth win He went on to combine the other four, arriving at an astounding number to say the least.

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