Increases by €1,000 per year, as a result of price rush

Increases by €1,000 per year, as a result of price rush

price rush Gas Makes le still wheelie Invoices Italians. After the sharp increases recorded in the past two quarters, the Energy, Networks and Environment Regulatory Authority (Arrera) will announce tomorrow evening Tariff update for the next quarter. «Given the increases in progress, in the absence of interventions before government We will have 61% increase for gas. for electricity at 45%, at a total cost on an annual basis in 2022 of an additional €1,200 per household. With the interventions announced now (3.8 billion) in addition to repeating what was done before (5 billion), the increase will be 40% for gas and 28% for electricity at an additional cost of 770 euros. family”, predicts the president. Numisma Energia, David Taparelli, taking into account an average annual consumption of 1,400 cubic meters of gas and 2,700 kWh of electricity. Chairman of the Commission Stefano Bisegini Supposedly before Christmas a slightly lower 50% increase in light and 40% for gas. Increases have been recorded as +30% and +10% in the last two quarterly assessments for electricity and +14% and +15% for methane. Meanwhile, last week, GME, which manages the electricity market, posted an average purchase price of light (Pun) equal to €338.55 MWh, + 5.1% over the previous week.

Payment in installments – The government has allocated Budget Law that a package of about 3.8 billion, to which another billion is added to allow for one Payment in installments for families with difficulties. But the parties are already pressuring the executive branch for new interventions. “During the week, proposals from the government to get out of this state of emergency will arrive,” the association’s secretary said. Matteo Salvini. But it seems difficult in the near future to adopt new measures in addition to those included in the maneuver. Other actions in any case take time to adjust. The idea could be to sterilize the system burdens, the inappropriate costs that burden the electricity bills, which have already been partially reduced, but the resources must be found. “There are big producers and sellers of energy who are making fantastic profits. They will have to participate in supporting the rest of the economy: they should also help families,” the prime minister said. Mario Draghi Indicates a means of potential interference.
Meanwhile, while waiting for new support, help arrives for businesses. Minister of Environmental Transformation, Roberto CingolaniDecree on the so-called “gas consumption fee”. These provisions, which have been in the works for a while, come at the height of the price crisis and from next April will redefine the fees that cover the general system fees applied to energy-intensive companies, those that consume large quantities of gas.

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