4 jobs in a luxury resort, but you only have 48 hours

4 jobs in a luxury resort, but you only have 48 hours

Padua – In the Easter Egg Arcella residents find 4 jobs in a luxury hotel. The announcement was posted on the Facebook page of the “Sei dell’Arcella se…” group yesterday, Sunday, April 17, at lunchtime only. An advertisement in which 4 jobs are offered in a starred accommodation facility. In fact, it was a great Easter surprise for the unemployed in this period. “Let’s break the Easter egg. Here’s a Sei dell’Arcella gift if, for you and just for you, the ad is published exclusively on this group – the ad reads – we offer 4 jobs in a high standard accommodation facility. For some of these positions no experience is required, And goodwill is enough, which will be the key element to seizing this opportunity. Contracts can be of different levels and you can agree on them according to your needs (seasonal, part-time, employment).”

“It is preferable to speak Italian fluently and correctly, the second language is an added value. Accommodation is available at the expense of the structure, since it is necessary to move beyond the “Arcellan frontier” but in the particular historical period we are witnessing, we are sure that the important thing is to have the opportunity to work – he explains again – as already mentioned, seriousness is on display, but Seriousness you ask. Applications are accepted until 12 noon on Tuesday 19th, so you only have 48 hours to apply with a preferential address. To express your interest you can leave a comment below. We will pass the contact on to the facility owner, who will call you for an interview. Happy Easter and Happy Spring.” Apparently requests for information doubled within a few minutes of the announcement. It was parents with unemployed children who wrote. Parents who, inside an Easter egg, might have found a welcome surprise.

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