Sinner-Griekspoor lives today in Miami: 5-7

Sinner-Griekspoor lives today in Miami: 5-7

Jannik Sinner and Dutchman Talon Greksboer on court in the third round of the ATP Masters 1000 tournament in Miami. The No. 2 seed Blue lost the first set 7-5. The rain stopped at 3-3 in the second set. After a short break, we went back to playing.

the match

the second group

Greek foul track 5-7, 6-5 – Blue scores 3 aces, one after the other, in another scoreless match.

Greek wrong path 5-7, 5-5 – Griekspoor committed two free fouls, conceding a set point to Sinner but got out of trouble with a winner and an ace before leading 5-5.

Greek foul track 5-7, 5-4 – The foul also gets two points directly from the serve, and everything goes smoothly.

Siner-Grekspor 5-7, 4-4 – Grekspor scores 2 aces and manages the match.

Siner-Grekspor 5-7, 4-3 – After about 45 minutes of downtime, we return to playing. Sinner restarts the game at zero.

Siner-Grekspor 5-7, 3-3 – Greskbor faces the first complicated moment in the second set: it needs a 12-point game to make it 3-3. Rain stops the match

Siner-Grekspor 5-7, 3-2 – The wrong player's serve goes smoothly: another ace, another game without conceding points.

Siner-Grekspor 5-7, 2-2 – Grikspor avoids trouble in the fourth game and holds serve.

Siner-Grekspor 5-7, 2-1 – Confidence pump for Blue, who ends a Providence match to zero with an ace bonus.

Siner-Grekspor 5-7, 1-1 – Griekspoor goes like a train, the match goes to zero with another ace.

The first group

Wrong Path-Run 5-7 – The sinner goes from 0 to 30 but fails to complete the task. Griekspoor reached 30-30 and then, in the decisive moment, scored 2 aces to close the first set: 7-5 at 50'.

Wrong Track-Run 5-6 – At 15-15, Grikspor emerged victorious from a very difficult exchange of 18 shots and on the next point conceded again, earning two heavy break points. Sinner cancels the first with a smash but raises the white flag on the second: he breaks and sends Griekspoor to the first set.

Siner Grekspor 5-5 – The Dutchman plays his best tennis: 1, 2, 3 winners and 5-5 serves.

Siner Grekspor 5-4 – No points were scored on serve for the third match in a row, and Sinner leads.

Greek foul track 4-4 – Identical text for Grikspor, who starts with an ace and works his way up with the first serve: Match at zero.

Siner-Grekspor 4-3 – The blue player collects the third match without goals in 4 innings.

Greek wrong path 3-3 – Griekspoor constantly finds the first ball, which ensures a relatively calm game.

Siner-Grekspor 3-2 – Athim gives up the first two points on his serve, also thanks to a double fault, but avoids trouble by going ahead 3-2.

Siner-Grekspor 2-1 Sinner does not concede anything in the second service game: 4 points are enough to close the match. Griekspoor holds the long exchange, 13 shots, but ultimately misses.

Siner-Grekspor 1-1 – The Dutchman held out in the exchanges even if he suffered two accelerations from the blue: 1-1.

Siner-Grekspor 1-0 – Sinner opens the match with two aces in the opening game and holds serve at zero.

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