Basketball, Europa League: Olympiacos – Virtus Polonia 74-69

The Greek team remains unbeaten at home to Bologna who lost 74-69 and was overtaken in the standings: Segafredo is now in seventh place

Virtus Bologna loses at the Peace and Friendship Stadium 74-69. The Banshee men were held back by 5 points in the third quarter and were plagued by Papanicolaou who was certainly in the game for the evening. 16 points with 3/5 from 3 for the veteran from Bartzukas. The rebound battle was decisive, smiling at the Greeks, 38-32. Shengelia's 15 points were useless: Bologna remained in Group D but due to goal difference fell to seventh place in the play-off zone.

Great attack

A complicated start for Olympiacos, who lost very few balls (9 in the 20th minute), and suffered from a maneuverable attack from Black Fu. The Banshee are well positioned in attack and benefit from Hackett's passing angles. Segafredo is good at forcing the Greek attacking phase into a low tempo, not allowing lateral turnovers. The Bartzukas have Isiah Canaan on their heels (9 2/3 points from 3 in the 10th minute). Bologna continue to find good solutions in attack, taking advantage of the deep movement of the big men (especially Zizic). The hosts rely on veteran Papanikolaou (11 points in the first half), but Virtus' compact defense still struggles. The distribution of offensive responsibilities was positive for the Bianconeri, who reached the end of the first half with 10 points for Belinelli, 8 for Hackett, 7 for Shengelia and 5 for Miki. The attack data smiles at the Banshee men, who shoot 10/17 from 2, 6/12 from beyond the arc and 8/10 from free throws. All of this data led to the 46-37 score that saw Segafredo rested at halftime.

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Offensive difficulties

Bologna wasted some opportunities at the beginning of the second half and suffered from the return of Olympiacos, which greatly improved its physical level in the defensive phase. Bartzukas' men even took the lead (thanks to a three-point play by Peters) after the break favored by Kanaan and Vale. Despite a difficult third quarter, as the partial section tells us (20-5 to Olympiacos), the Black Fu somehow remain in the game. A large number of turnovers for Bologna at the beginning of the second half (6). Banshee's men are still suffering from the strength of the Greeks on both sides of the pitch, even at the beginning of the final period. In the final, Segafredo relies on the substitutes' willingness not to give up. Excellent play from Bagula (recovery and three-pointer) and Abbas. However, it is now too late for the Bianconeri who have fallen and been beaten by Olympiacos in the standings. The goal difference was also reversed after Fo Nery's +2 goal in the first leg.

Olympiacos: Papanicolaou 16, Canaan 12, Fall 11

Bologna Strength: Shengelia 15, Belinelli and Hackett 10

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