Did your iron burn? We explain how to end burning and get a clean, perfect iron again

Did your iron burn?  We explain how to end burning and get a clean, perfect iron again

The trick to removing iron burnfreepik

Ironing is a task that most people do not like. What happens if we also add that it is burned? Trouble on the horizon! If we have burnt iron, It is recommended not to use it, Haha We can stain clothes This stain becomes irreparable, or in more serious cases, It can emit black smoke. In this last case, l“We have to turn off the electricity immediately.” Otherwise we would end up burning pieces of iron. Want us to reveal it to you? How to get rid of iron burn? Take note!

These types of spots that appear on the back are sometimes persistent: Although it is cleaning They appear again and again. To avoid always being in the same situation, there The trick is that in addition, It does not require large expenses Diners.

Some experts We recommend using dish soap or baking soda, But it is not always completely effective. However, there is a combination that works optimally. HIt's a viral tip Tik Tok, With which thousands of users said goodbye to burnt panels.

If you iron your clothes with a burnt iron, you may develop irreparable stains

To do this cleaningYou will only need vinegar and Paracetamol. The first step is Place the iron in a well-ventilated room So as not to be disturbed by the steam coming out. Indeed, aThis trick must be done with the iron connected to electricity. Carefully and little by little, We will put vinegar on the sole of the device About burning. then, It will be necessary to scratch the surface with paracetamol, An ideal item to not damage the iron.

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@ Maria. Nordic House Tricks to clean a burnt iron 😏⬇️ 1- Do it in a room next to the window. The smell of vinegar is strong and a lot of steam comes out. It is better for the room to be well ventilated. If the smell of vinegar bothers you, you can add water to the deposit. It will work the same way, but it will take longer. 2- You have to be careful not to burn yourself, the process is done with an iron connected to electricity 🙏🔥 3- The only thing I found today to remove the burn from the sole is lactamol, nothing else! And I kill irons 😂 Of course the scratch with a good sponge will come out, but if we damage the sole, the clothes will stick together again and we start again with the burnt iron again 😬 4- When using paracetamol, it creates a paste. Do not hit it with a cloth, it will remain stuck. It is better to rinse it with vinegar and remove all Something, unplug it and that's it!!! #always#fyp#Cleaning tricks#homehacks#Cleaning_Tips#Iron_cleaning#mariordichouse♬ Perfect (Superior) – Mason and Princess Superstar

Pretty nice A small dough may form. But watch out! It should not be removed using a scouring pad. Pour a little vinegar and it will go away on its own. Once this is done, It will only be necessary to separate them and we will have an iron like new to wear without wrinkles or stains.

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