Will Jorginho go to Juventus? There is a proxy ad

Will Jorginho go to Juventus?  There is a proxy ad

joao Santosagent Jorginhotalk to Radio Mars while sending The network swells. to Rafael Orima. The following have been distinguished:

Chelsea – Real Madrid in the Champions League? I think the current champions should not be surprised. The first match is in London and that’s a benefit.”

What is the climate inside the club after Abramovich’s question? The players are responding on the field, and obviously I believe the problem will be resolved in no time. We are only thinking about the upcoming matches. There is serenity, in England they think of a solution. We hope that the difficulties will be overcome.”

Photo: Imago – Agent of Jorginho Chelsea

Jorginho? I heard it before the round of 16, we talked. Juventus next year? Since he was with Sarri, there has been talk of Juventus, but at the moment Chelsea cannot move forward market. We need to see what happens. It is clear that Juventus is an important team at the European level, and we have to see that. He arrived in Italy when he was 15, and it is clear that he would like to return one day. Now he’s focusing on the national team because we have to go to the World CupLet’s hope so.”

If there is a penalty, will he kick it? He’s kicked a lot of them and they’ve gone well, and the last 2 haven’t. This is how things work with penalty shooters.”

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