De Kitleri: ‘I totally wanted Milan, I never thought I could play for a club like this. Idol CR7, my league…’ | front page

De Kitleri: ‘I totally wanted Milan, I never thought I could play for a club like this. Idol CR7, my league…’ | front page

“Becoming a footballer is something you can only imagine. I’ve always dreamed of being a single player, but I never would have imagined that I could play for a club like Milan. Today it’s all reality and I’m very proud.” This is how the first interview began as a player in Milan for Charles de KettleriWho admits to the official channels of the Rossoneri club: his statements.

Connect with Maldini and Masara – “I spoke to Ricky and Paolo, and they told me that they believed in me and that they wanted me in Milan. I spoke with them and my agents have been in touch with them since the beginning of the year. When the transfer market starts c ”it is always a bit confusing. Then I spoke with the Milan managers and the coach. I definitely wanted to come to Milan: it took some time, but now I’m happy.”

The warmth of the red and black environment – “I’m usually a very calm person, but at this time I didn’t really know what was going to happen. Everyone says it, but you don’t know it until you’re here or you hear it or you see the fans. This club has a special warmth, a lot of passion.” They transfer everything.”

Relationship with family – “I share everything with my family, I didn’t need to explain many things to them because they know what’s going on in my life. They are happy for me and follow me in what I want for me. They never tell me what to do and what not to do, they let me and they are happy for me.”

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Features – “On the field, I am a very offensive player. I like to start and finish work by moving accordingly. I tend to lower myself and receive the ball, look for the last pass and score as a striker. I work hard even in the non-possession phase but I prefer the ball at your feet Off the field I am a person who lives my life with my family. I do normal things that make me happy.”

SAELEMAEKERS – “Alexis explained to me what kind of club Milan is and I haven’t spoken to Divock (Origi, editor) yet. In the national team Alexis told me a lot of good things like the passion of the fans. I congratulated him when he won the Scudetto, we talked a little.”

club history – “It’s hard to talk about the history of Milan. There were many heroes like Ronaldinho, Paolo (Maldini, editor), Kaka, but also the Dutch like Gullit, Van Basten.”

Idol – “My idol since I was a kid is Cristiano Ronaldo, but Milan also had great champions. As a boy I watched a lot of their videos, they were a great team and they still are today.”

Objectives – “I hope to help Milan return to the great successes of the past. The goals of the club are my goals for the coming seasons.”

Milan last year – “I watched some matches but not all. For example, the derby that I never lost. Alexis plays for Milan and I have always been interested in the results and the standings. I am happy to play for the club that just won the Scudetto.”

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Italia – “Around Italy I like food, pasta and everything else. But the weather is also nice, but it’s not that important. Italians are always excited, we’ve also seen Europeans. There is a lot of warmth between the fans of every team, the national team and Milan. What I love about football is the passion and what I want him more than anything else to have fun and to play football well.”

shirt number – “I got the number 90 when I was a kid, it was assigned to me. I got that number and started playing really well so I never let it go.”

Promise to the fans – “I promise to always give my best in every game and every time I wear this shirt. I hope to win titles. The only thing I can promise is that I will do my best.”

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