Debts with bookmakers, “relations” with Tonali and Zignolo: what Fagioli revealed and what could emerge | League

Debts with bookmakers, “relations” with Tonali and Zignolo: what Fagioli revealed and what could emerge |  League
BeanIt was discovered almost by chance by the team led by Deputy Public Prosecutor Manuela Piedrota – who was investigating on behalf of… Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office Concerning certain illicit trafficking by criminal organizations – It exposed a world of betting on illegal platforms and possible connections with the underworld. From this standpoint, investigators are searching for objective evidence for the case, after they confiscated the young Juventus midfielder’s phone and came up with other names, most notably the names of his colleagues. Sandro Tonali and Nicolo Zaniolo. Depending on what he rebuilds RepublicOn Fagioli’s device, there are conversations with dozens of colleagues and… Fear that the case may include up to thirty topics.

Truth servers – Ranging from the still mysterious identity of a “second-tier Juventus player”, perhaps one of Fagioli’s own peers within the Juventus squad, to the profiles through which investigators are investigating the servers of unauthorized providers, and not just Tonali and Zignoli. They will be registered users. For them and Fagioli, the charge is a violation of Law 401 of 1989, especially Article 4, paragraph 3, which punishes those who participate in abusive activities organized and managed by other persons with imprisonment of up to three months. Or a fine. In addition to being a member who bets in their sector of expertise, they are subject to referral by the sports justice system and exclusion for a period of up to 3 years. Except in the case of a reduced sentence, if the players involved prove, as Fagioli has been doing for some time, that they are cooperating with the authorities.

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In contact with whom? – Whoever is conducting the investigations wants to clarify another aspect, which is the system through which Fagioli – Who will end up betting more than €1 million – He would involve his colleagues, perhaps putting them in touch with the bookmakers to whom he was to become indebted. These threads will then reach Tonali and Zaniolo, with the former registered on the “worldgame365” platform and the latter on “Evoz9.fxgaming”. The next step to make sure is that the people who have already appeared and who will appear from the papers collected by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office and immediately sent to the Federal Prosecutor Giuseppe Cheni, do not lead to more serious results. For example, contacts with organized crime advocates – which launder part of the proceeds of their activities through online betting – or any ‘tips’ to third parties and bets on their own teams, which would directly lead to an accusation of a sports crime.

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