Siner surprises everyone, a special feeling with the famous red-haired woman The girlfriend stays and watches

Siner surprises everyone, a special feeling with the famous red-haired woman  The girlfriend stays and watches
Jannik Sinner celebrates with the Italian national team shirt – Photography by Ansa –

After a fairytale 2023, Jannik Siner is already working on the next season: but a secret passion emerges…

Yannick Siner He works intensely in light of the year 2024 as the protagonist. Archive the month of vacation after the victory in Davis Cup With Italy and spending time with his loved ones, the San Candido talent returned to training with two very clear goals in mind.

Making sure that the year that is about to open is the year of winning the first Slam of his career, the culmination of the gradual growth, which has become strong during 2023, and at the same time makes the Italian fans dream and feel proud. , who lovingly follow Jan's improvements.

And so, after tennis lovers (but not only…) were glued in front of the TV during the fall afternoons and nights between… ATP Finals And the final stage of the Davis Cup, Sinner is ready to do the same in the first weeks of 2024, but this time the time period has changed. The first date of the calendar year will actually be one of the most important dates of the entire season Australian Open ChampionshipStarting January 14 in Melbourne.

This season's Grand Slams, along with the US Open at the end of August, are the most favorable to the characteristics of Sinner, whose growth can lead to unexpected feats even on the red clay courts of Roland Garros and why not on the grass of Roland Garros. Wimbledon. However, on the fast Australian pitch, Yannick seems to know he can go further and perhaps renew an already heated rivalry with Novak Djokovic.

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All of Jannik Sinner's interests: tennis, skiing and…red

The Serbian world number one is the undisputed master of the Australian Open, a tournament he has won 10 times. It is not difficult to imagine that Nole will be motivated by a desire for revenge after his devastating defeat to Davis, but every year is different and Sinner has everything he has to try to get beyond the quarter-finals, his best result in Melbourne.

The Italian champion's first training sessions for the new season were held in Monte Carlo, after he spent the holiday in Spain, Alicante and his beloved Plan de Corones mountains. However, Sinner's holidays were also… working holidays, as companies interested in making him certified multiplied. Who knows, it might be among these Italian brands that are the most famous in the world, since Yannick, in addition to tennis and skiing, is also very passionate about equation 1.

Wrong Ferrari
Jannik Sinner during a visit to Maranello on December 16 – Photo by Ansa –

A sinner confesses his dream: “I want to ride a Ferrari.”

Yes, the sinner madly loves…red. No, in Yannick's life there is no room, at least for the moment, for gossip, so the color in question indicates Ferrari. The Cavallino team, which is working towards the 2024 World Championship, has actually been at the heart of Sinner for a long time, like the entire motorsport world. The tennis player himself announced this in an interview with La Stampa newspaper, during which Jan, who visited Maranello before Christmas, revealed a very special project…

“I would like to cross the two sports and make them better known to those who do not always follow them – his words, before making a big promise – I will definitely be present at some GPs, when my schedule allows me to do so.” And who knows, the diary might also allow you to… wear Casco: “Testing a single-seater car would be a dream for someone who loves cars like me – admitted Sener – but you have to go slowly, because as soon as you touch the gas it flies.” The hope of all Italians is that at the end of 2024 Ferrari and Sinner will be able to celebrate a year of victories…

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