Yildiz explains why he chose black and white

Yildiz explains why he chose black and white

For Kenan Yildiz there Juventus It was a choice, a path followed with conviction in the hope of following in the footsteps of the greats black and white From the past, like Roberto Baggio Or Alex Del PieroUnder the leadership of Massimiliano rejoice. The young Turkish striker spoke about this in BildHe revealed the reason for his decision to leave the youth team in July 2022 Bayern Monaco To move to Turin.

Juventus discovers Yildiz’s talent

For some observers Kanan Yildiz And the Talents Purer than Juventus Join the first team from the youth sector. But in reality, the striker born in 2005 did not grow up in the Juventus academy: in the summer of 2022, Juventus managed to snap him up on a free transfer from Bayern Monaco, a club that Yildiz joined when he was a child. Yildiz is enchanted b spring For Juve, he scored 15 goals and made 7 assists in the championship, cup and Youth Leaguethus convincing Massimiliano Allegri to repeatedly add him to the first team in the current season: for him this year he has already participated in 5 matches. Leaguealbeit only 36 minutes in total.

Juventus, because Yildiz preferred the Bianconeri over Bayern

Interview by BildYildiz said he was completely satisfied with his choice to land it Juventusalso explaining why he decided to give up Bayern to wear Black and White. “Leave the BavariaHowever, it was strange, but Juventus offered me the best sporting project ever, and Bayern’s managers moved with my entourage very late, as much as they were determined to keep me. Turkish citizenship – Last October 12, he made his first appearance with… Türkiye Coach Vincenzo Montella against the Croatia – Instead of German: He was actually born Regensburgin Bavaria.

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Juventus Wilds and the relationship with Allegri

Yildiz explained that he feels a strong connection to Juventus and hopes for a great future with Juventus. The 18-year-old striker added: “I believed from the beginning that this could be achieved in Turin. I started withUnder 19 To get used to the country, game and language, I then played some games in it Next generation In the summer, they allowed me to tour the United States with the first team: it was great, because I started sharing training sessions with the players, e.g. church And VlahovicWhich I previously only admired on TV!

rejoice Recently acknowledged the existence of weak For Yildiz, the love is reciprocated by the young striker. Yildiz said: “Hearing these words was an honor for me. It made me understand that I am on the right path to achieving my goals: I have an excellent relationship with the coach, and he is a great coach.” trainer And also a great person.”

Juventus: Baggio, Del Piero and Zidane are Yildiz’s role models

the First time Officially wearing a Juventus shirt, which was held at 1 o’clockto Italian League today in the final minutes of the victory againstUdinese, was the most exciting moment in Yildiz’s black-and-white adventure so far: the striker was actually able to wear the same shirt as his idols. “When I made my debut, it was a dream come true for me: it was an explosion of emotions – explained the striker – and it is special to play in the same club where some of my former role models such as Baggio, Zidane And Del PieroJuventus fans hope that Yildiz will soon be able to carry on the legacy of these heroes and lead the Bianconeri towards new successes.

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